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Parenting in the Outdoors — A Shift in Perspective

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From the beginning I knew that the challenges of being a father were going to be difficult. A driving goal of mine is to continue my outdoor passions and not let having a child slow down our family adventures. This is a lofty goal and in attempting it I have failed and succeeded in ways I had not expected. While I held on for a while, the ability to maintain long climbing sessions at any hour of the day became challenging. It was difficult to begin seeing changes in my…read more

Splendor of the Red Rocks – On the road with Kid Comfort

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It was about 16 years ago and yet I can still clearly remember my reaction when my dad told me we were moving out to “Arizona.” A brief stereotypical image of Death Valley crossed my mind … something along the lines of a scrawny roadrunner pattering across the dry, cracked earth with heat waves visible in the air and a tumble weed rolling across the barren wasteland. I was devastated. Little did I know, we were moving to a mountain town oasis known as Flagstaff. It’s a town where you…read more

Mountain Rescue: Saving a Dog with Deuter Packs

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Joan Maguire is the winning guest contributor for July. After assisting in the daunting rescue of an injured, 70-pound trail dog and writing in to tell us about it, she’s the proud new owner of an AC Aera 22 SL. I wanted to tell you about an adventure that we had yesterday while hiking Wasootch Ridge, Alberta, Canada, that illustrates how amazingly strong your backpacks are! I was hiking with three friends — Denise Hartley, Laura Coggles and Venetia Whiting — and we were on our way back down when we…read more

Rubber to Earth: Wind River Country Team’s Race Prep 

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The third annual Cowboy Tough Expedition Race in Wyoming is fast approaching, and the Wind River Country Team is speeding along trails and roads at least as quickly. The three-and-a-half-day race, put on by Rev3, attracts athletes of all calibers. Teams range from elite adventure racers—like the Swedish Armed Forces Adventure Team and Nordic Adventure Racing—to crews new to expedition-length races (all teams are required to have experience on a shorter adventure race or applicable education, like a National Outdoor Leadership School course). The long weekend consists of navigating through…read more

Finding Solitude in the Trinity Alps

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David Stillman is the winning guest contributor for June and proud new owner of an ACT Trail 24. A fully fledged geek and adventurer in Boulder, CO, David enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, photography and exploring any old place he can get to. Follow him on twitter or visit his website where he’s written up many more adventures like this one. If you want to visit some of the most breathtaking alpine lakes you’ve ever laid eyes on, make a trip to the Trinity Alps in Northern California. This year my girlfriend…read more

So this is how grown ups travel?

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It was January 2004 on the morning of my departure for a mountaineering trip to Ecuador. I slung two heavy duffel bags over my shoulders on my way out the door and … a twist in the wrong direction, a shooting pain through my lower back. How was I going to sit on a plane all day? Even more worrisome, how was I going to carry a pack and climb mountains? In the car I braced myself to prevent being jostled by the small bumps in the road — It was…read more

The Perfect Pack for Island Hopping — The Deuter ACT Trail 24

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Going on multi-week kayak expeditions, I need to carry a backpack small enough to fit in the kayak’s stern hatch yet big enough that I can go on day hikes with camera gear, food, clothing and survival essentials. The Deuter Act Trail 24 is the perfect fit. It has been with me while kayaking in Alaska and British Columbia last year and more recently down south in Baja, California. VARGAS ISLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA Located just outside of Tofino, British Columbia, in the Clayoquot Sound, the 14,300-acres Vargas Island is an…read more

The Grand Gulch Experiment: A Family Hike Without Llamas

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Investigating the ancient history of the desert Southwest can be mind blowing, but exploring it with a seven-year-old adds a whole other dimension of wonder. For families who are intimidated by the thought of undertaking a multi-day self-supported backpacking trip with kids, Grand Gulch, Utah, is a great playground for that first backcountry foray. The canyons are generally flat and dry (you rely on springs and potholes that collect rainwater), and we camped on slick rock. Along with the amenable terrain, the thing that makes Grand Gulch most appealing to…read more

A Three-Sport Birthday Extravaganza in Bend

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What better way to stare down the big four-oh than going on a road trip. With Julie’s big birthday on deck, we decided to get out of Dodge, visit friends and family and enjoy a three-sport trip. So, we loaded up the van with all our toys (and favorite Deuter packs) and headed north to Bend, Oregon. Julie wanted to enjoy her favorite outdoor activities: biking, fishing and climbing. OK, so skiing is number one, but with the lack of snow we’d moved on from winter. Julie had a great time…read more

The Perfect Pack for Microadventures

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A few weeks ago, the ​New York Times ​published ​an article ​praising the concept of the microadventure, or the adventure found in our immediate, local surroundings. As I read it, I smiled. I spent half of my childhood sleeping outside thanks to my parents’ ingenious idea to put a bed under a wall-­free lean­to in our yard. My family’s perception of a weekend party was inviting everyone over to play hide-and-seek on our four-­acre wooded property; there were no guarantees you would be found. In essence, I was raised to…read more