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All About The Climbing: Everything Old Is New Again

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Deuter. Awesome hiking packs. The best kid carriers on the market. Sweet biking and ski packs. But some time ago — 1934 to be exact — Deuter first made its mark in the big mountain climbing world when it supplied the backpacks for the German Himalayan Expedition to Nanga Parbat. In 1953, Deuter was there when Austrian mountaineer Hermann Buhl made the first ascent of the 26,600-foot (8,126 meters) Nanga Parbet.  “Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” – Stephen King, The Colorado Kid At the annual Outdoor Retailer trade show…read more

For The Love Of Climbing: Kathy Karlo On Living Passionately

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We filmed this video on a climbing trip to Indian Creek, Utah. Budding film maker Sean Feiertag came to me one day and said, “You are constantly surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do. It’s inspiring.” He asked me if I wanted to make a short film that delivered a simple message: Do what you love with love. For both Sean and me, it’s always been about making every moment count and sharing them with the people we love the most. We knew that this video would resonate…read more

Is Pokemon GO Good For The Outdoors Community?

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By now you’ve heard of, seen, know about, play, or hate Pokemon GO. It’s doing something that most electronic games haven’t done: Getting people outside. But the biggest question on the outdoorsy mind is, “Does it belong?” I’ve seen the internet and social media full of hate for the game. Players may be getting outside, but they are not there to immerse themselves into the environment. Instead they are just staring at a screen. Seriously? Who cares! Let them catch Pokemon! This is a huge step in getting people off…read more

Rock Cairns: Art or Absurdity?

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First, let’s get this one straight: Rock cairns have been around since man was able to pick up objects and move them. There’s nothing new here, although these days we do have other things to think about, like our impact as a species on the environment and what our actions add or subtract to the outdoor experience. When cave men or Native Americans used rocks for navigation, communication or other tasks, the world didn’t have 6 billion people in it. When you move a rock you upset the small ecosystem…read more

Are You Following Your Outdoor Dreams?

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Not long ago, the Deuter USA Ambassador Team gathered for an outdoor summit in the Colorado Rockies. In celebration of our arrival, the sky opened up and dumped over two feet of snow on us over the course of our weekend meeting. While others bemoaned the early spring snowstorm, our team couldn’t wait to get out to do some product testing and frolic in the snow. Although our ambassadors may pursue different outdoor disciplines and interests, they all share a common passion for spending time outdoors and sharing their experiences…read more

Where To Hike In Hawaii: Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park

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If you want to hike the coastal mountains of the Hawaii, you can’t go wrong with the Kalalau Trail. It runs along the Nāpali Coast on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Locals will warn that if you want a parking spot near the trailhead, you’d best get up early, and they’re right. The parking lot is limited, and it also serves the beach goers at the nearby Ke’e State Park. After swimming through the sea of wild chickens in the parking lot, you’ll find yourself on the trail. If the…read more

Mountain Biking In Japan? You Bet, And That’s Not All

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For the first time in a long time, I went somewhere just to travel — not specifically for mountain biking, though I did get some in. To simply be a “geijin” (the Japanese equivalent of a Gringa). I went with no expectations and no plans. I wanted to openly explore the country that has long been on my bucket list. So I packed up the Deuter Helion 80 with all the gear (think durable roller with a legit backpack system) and my light and versatile ACT Trail 22 SL, and…read more

A Month Of Highlining In Remote Tasmania

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Tasmania is an island off the coast of Australia that is often overlooked because it is remote and expensive to reach. Yet in a relatively small space it boasts an incredible wealth of outdoor recreation. In just a few weeks I experienced sub-alpine landscapes with crystalline-blue lakes amidst scree fields and 200-meter cliffs, rugged and wild forests of Eucalyptus and conifers rising to sharp peaks and sheer drop-offs There were hexagonal pillars dropping hundreds of meters to the ocean, white sandy beaches and turquoise waves, ancient alcoves carved out by…read more

Scouting Report: Lightening The Load With Deuter

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Not long ago, I had the chance to try a loaded Deuter pack out on the trail. What a difference! It had rained for four days straight. The practice trails were closed and would remain closed until the rain and mud dried up. The five 15 year-old Boy Scouts and their three elderly leaders would not be dissuaded. We loaded our packs diligently with 30 pounds each, and the boys planned their 10-mile Saturday morning hike. They would stick to the paved paths wearing their rain gear and pack covers….read more

A Quick Checklist For Taking The Kids On A Big Hike

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Thinking about taking the kids along on a hike this summer? Family backpacking is made easier with a great gear list to refer to — because leaving something important at home is a big deal when you are far away from the car. As a general rule, we stay away from cotton and go with synthetic or wool clothing. It’s worth the investment (and can often be found on sale or at consignment shops) and keeps everyone comfortable and happy! This is the list we use for the kids for…read more