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A Good Pack Shines in the Shoulder Seasons

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For those of us whose lives are based on the seasons as we move from location to location for work or just activity to activity for play, appreciation for the “shoulder season” has grown. Sure, there is a little bit of compromise involved, but we find the best balance right there in the middle. As a ski mountaineering athlete for Deuter and Outdoor Research, I am always looking for ways to enjoy that space between those snowy trips in the mountains and the kayak guiding season in the San Juan…read more

When There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Paracord, You Can’t Go Counting Ounces

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Deaken Boggs, aka Dooter Man, is the winning guest contributor for April and proud new owner of an Airlite 16. Boggs is a college student at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, studying natural resource planning and sustainable energies. An avid outdoorsman and hiker, he also loves to mountain bike, downhill ski, fish and canoe. A couple of years ago I went to a semester school in northern Wisconsin called Conserve School. With a program focus in environmental conservation and stewardship, we took many hiking, biking, canoeing and camping trips, but the…read more

The Brain and Subconscious . . . Of Your Deuter Backpack

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Packing your backpack properly is an art. At NOLS we teach our students to pack everything they need for a monthlong expedition, including at least a week’s worth of food, in a single 90-liter Deuter backpack while ensuring that the pack is comfortable and properly fit. There are various methods of packing expedition backpacks, but at NOLS we line our packs with heavy duty contractor bags and fit everything in using the Full Body Slam Method, which involves filling every void in the bag with something and using our full…read more

Top 10 Reasons To Go Climbing

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Why do we climb? Pondering this philosophical question, I have arrived at cliche responses: why does a runner need to run? Or a painter need to paint? The creative, passionate, inner explorative parts of being human needn’t be explained or justified. Or perhaps George Mallory summed it up succinctly with, “because it’s there.” Let’s try another approach. How about a David Letterman-style list! From the Worst Christmas Holiday songs to Bigfoot’s Pet Peeves, Letterman had great lists. Maybe some questions are best answered this way. Top Ten Reasons to Climb 10. Because the world is not…read more

Coming Back to Backpacking with the ACT LITE

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Deuter user Jonathon Runcan will be adding a Pace 30 to his gear closet as the winning guest contributor for March. Jonathon describes himself as a blessed man with a fantastic family of two dogs, one cat, and one son, all kept in check by his beautiful, fantastic wife. He credits his time as a youngster in the Boy Scouts for giving him a sense of adventure that has never faded. Interested in having your stories featured? Submit your content HERE. My wife and I decided to get back into…read more

The Joy of Rollers

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Every dirtbag climber goes through stages when it comes to gear, but the general consensus is the older you get, the more you want your gear to work for you. Thus, began my process toward the joy of appreciating the roller. I always looked at rolling luggage in the airport as a luxury. While headed back home to the Midwest or out on a big climbing trip I’d always cram everything I could into a backpack and cram it into the overhead compartment, or at a very last resort, check…read more

Best backpack for slot canyons

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Chambers Canyon, Robbers Roost, UT: Surrounding the Moab desert are hundreds of canyons carved out over time by all of the intense elements that form the area (erosion from massive thunderstorms).  Some of these canyons are wide (Colorado river) and some are narrow… very narrow, like Chambers Canyon. Last fall I entered Chambers Canyon in the Robbers Roost area near Hanksville, UT.  Chambers Canyon is the most intense slot canyon I have ever been in to date.  There were spots where my chest actually got stuck, but I made it through.  The narrowest…read more

Tips and Tricks: packing a backcountry ski pack

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Over the past 13 years of backcountry skiing I’ve developed a bit of a routine with my packing for days of ski touring. While the contents of my pack vary slightly based on the weather, snowpack, or the day’s objectives, the primary contents remain relatively the same day after day. Generally speaking, everything that I bring with me for a day in the mountains is stuff that I deem absolutely necessary, there is very little fluff or extra weight. One thing I always try to do is put heavier items…read more

Deuter supported holiday road trip

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We were lucky enough to spend part of the holidays at a wedding in San Clemente before heading to Red Rocks for an annual Bishop climbing pilgrimage. We continue to use and abuse all our Deuter packs in a variety of situations, and they continue to deliver. For San Clemente, it was all about the beach, and walking around the cute downtown. For Ali, our four-year old daughter, this meant using our Kanga Kid as our primary around-town day pack. The zippers had no trouble with the sand, the pack…read more

A favorite climbing pack: Deuter Guide 45+

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I’ve got a wide range of Deuter backpacks and travel bags, from the Speedlite 10 to the Xeno 70, but the pack I use the most in my quiver is the Guide 45+. This pack is a favorite for many reasons, it fits well, and carries a heavy load just fine, but the main reason is that it’s versatile enough to use for almost all of my climbing excursions. For my personal use this varies from Indian Creek cragging to all day hiking/climbing endeavors in the Cascades. I like having…read more