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On Taking Him Camping With Us: Five Things We’ve Learned

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In January of this year my husband and I, along with our then eight-month-old son, began a yearlong camping and fly fishing trip around the United States. To many people, the trip sounds like 365 days of vacation, but because we’re continuing to work regular jobs and have adult commitments it’s really more of a juggling act between obligations and passions. The other big thing that many people don’t necessarily realize right off the bat is that our son, Gus, is along for the whole ride. Beyond a few important…read more

Successful Family Backpacking With Young Kids

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I don’t really know why it took us until this point to do a real family backpacking trip. We’ve dabbled with the idea for a couple years now, but always had a hard time getting our gear in line, working around my husband’s busy wildland fire schedule and basically just getting out the door. The thought of backpacking is so daunting, at least to most families. Our kids are 18 months, 4 and 6, so they’re young and not able to really pack much of their own gear yet. Plus…read more

Offwidth Education: Climbing in The Voo

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As my girlfriend Jacey and I dodge another semi and crest a rise on northbound I-80, we can see our climbing destination. Among the vast rolling grasslands of Wyoming, just across the border from Colorado, lies Vedauwoo. The Voo, as it is frequently called, is known for its precariously perched outcroppings of sharp crystalline granite. Among climbers, The Voo is considered an offwidth meca of sorts. The aggressive texture of the rock and oddly spaced cracks create the perfect testing ground for the vertically inclined. On this particular weekend we’re…read more

Into the Beartooth Mountains: Granite Peak

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This was my first legitimate mountaineering experience. While consistently visiting the Beartooths for the past year, the thought of finally attempting Granite Peak — the highest point in Montana and one of the most difficult in the lower 48 — was forming in my head. The only other big mountain climb that I had done was the Grand Teton, at the invitation of Paradox Sports. However, that would not have been possible without the help of the highly experienced Exum Mountain Guides. Granite was a whole other equation. This time, I would play…read more

Video: Deuter on the Lost Coast with Benny Haddad

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Join Deuter Ambassador and professional filmmaker Benny Haddad as he travels Northern California’s Lost Coast by backpack.

Happiness Is Free

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I’ve seen a lot of sunrises in my lifetime so far, and each one was a beauty. This one in particular was different. Perhaps it was because it was a solstice day, or because I hadn’t climbed High E in quite a while, or that we are now leaving the summer season and winter is a couple short months around the corner. My partner and I rallied and awoke at 3:30 a.m. to climb the first pitch of High Exposure in the Gunks by headlamp. We arrived at the GT ledge just…read more

Deuter Kids Packs on the Road Less Traveled

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Now on the cusp of eight years old, Kieran has traveled in and with Deuter kids packs since he could toddle up trails. Kids Packs and Llamas Quick flash back. It’s 2012. We spend two weeks with 4-year-old Kieran, our dog and two llamas in the Wind Rivers, hoisting Kieran in the Deuter Kid Comfort 2 while saddling him with his very own Deuter Junior. We decide to make it an annual thing. Fast forward to 2013. We ditch the Kid Comfort 2 and make 5-year-old Kieran hike the whole way…read more

East Coast Travel Picks: Let the Poconos Surprise You

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We are one of those families with an endless itinerary. We’re always ready to go, explore, travel. From the month of April to this upcoming October, our collective travel itinerary will include 11 trips, and our Deuter Helion 80 suitcase is a staple in our bedroom because it is being packed and unpacked so often. As any parent knows, traveling with kids is an amazing adventure, although it’s not always relaxing. I read somewhere that after you have children, “vacations” become “trips” for a little while. That being said, Matt and I like to…read more

Kids Are Climbing The Walls!

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Deuter ambassadors Rachel and Zak Farmer and their daughter Ellie stepped into the limelight recently, snagging a guest appearance spot on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Ellie started climbing when she was 8-months old and she put on a display on the climbing wall in front of Ellen and her studio audience.  (See if you can spot the Deuter Kikki)

Six Things You Might Not Know About Hiking Cannon Beach

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My philosophy can be summed up as, “Going new places is fun.” Like going to Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. Technically, it’s not new since I was there in high school, but since that was approximately a million years ago it hardly counts. Oops, I left part of my philosophy unwritten. “Going new places and hiking there is fun.” So yeah, we went to the beach and then we went hiking. Don’t blame me. I’m contractually obligated to go hiking. That’s the price of being a Deuter Ambassador. (Deuter provided…read more