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Squad Goals: Deuter Ambassador Team

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The Deuter Ambassador Team is a collection of rump-kicking outdoor folks from various walks of life assembled to help spread the word about Deuter. Recently, in the Colorado Rockies, the team came together for an action-packed, 3-day summit to dive into what it means to be an ambassador for the world’s leading backpack brand. In one little exercise (after a full day of actual exercise outside in a late spring snowstorm) we considered the official goal of the Deuter Ambassador Team. Here it is, in all its corporate-speak beauty: Assemble…read more

The Majesty of Winter in Alaska

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The mountains of Alaska hold some of the most dramatic and stunning views I could ever imagine. When blanketed in snow, their magnificence becomes even more notable. Winter in Alaska is my favorite time of year: beautiful, golden and majestic. With winter comes snow that opens up access to terrain you would not want to approach during the summer. This winter has been a warm one up here in Girdwood, Alaska. On normal years rain at sea-level is not unheard of, but this year, due to some effects from El…read more

Outdoor Family Destination: Five Spots To Hit At Lake Placid

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To the typical family, childhood milestones sound a bit like this: first word, first step, first tooth — to the outdoor family, childhood milestones sound a bit different. This past year, our four year old had some big ones. He climbed his first indoor rock wall to the top, skied and snowshoed for the first time, and hiked his first summit all on his own. That last one was not without the errant tear shed from this proud hiking mama. And, not particularly on purpose, most of these milestones were…read more

Hayduke Trail, One Section At A Time

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For the past year my friends and I have been dreaming of the adventure that is the Hayduke Trail, an 880-mile journey from Arches National Park to Zion National Park by way of the Grand Canyon. The problem we have is we can’t take off three plus months while we’re in school and working. So we’ve decided to section hike it. The first section of the Hayduke Trail is a 40-mile adventure through a great section of backcountry in Arches National Park, through Moab, and onto a busy dirt road…read more

Getting The Right Gear For The Tahoe Backcountry

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It’s no secret that the Lake Tahoe backcountry is an outdoor recreation paradise. Pretty much any outdoor activity you can imagine is on tap for adventurous outdoor enthusiasts in the area. North Lake Tahoe recently put together a series of short online videos highlighting human-powered recreation in Tahoe, and they asked me to help out with the backcountry skiing shoot. I was happy to oblige. Here’s the short video they produced promoting backcountry skiing, and especially safety, in the Tahoe area. The pack I used for this trip is the Deuter…read more

Kid Carrier Odyssey: Kraft Boulders And Ringbolt Springs With Little Ellie

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Our family escaped to the warmer weather this month, grabbed the kid carrier and did some winter climbing at the Kraft Boulders. The boulders are nestled in the hillside just outside Red Rock State Park near Las Vegas, Nevada. Our daughter Ellie is 25 months old and is beginning to experience the joys of climbing outdoors on real rock, which made this trip all the more magical. The boulders have beautiful features on them that offer plentiful climbing to both novice and advanced climbers alike. From the boulders to the springs…read more

Backpacking Happens In Winter Too — Grab Some Snowshoes

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Backpacking season doesn’t end when the snow starts falling. It just means there’s extra gear to pack. And if I’m going to carry extra gear I want a great backpack. We started well after sunset with snow falling lazily from the dark sky. Four of us planned to snowshoe up from Snoqualmie Pass to spend the night on a knob overlooking the Pass. It’s a perfect destination as it combines an adventurous ascent (especially in the dark) and easy access back down in case anything went sideways. What You’ll Need…read more

Norway In A Nutshell: Making It Affordable, Making Friends And Making It Authentic

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First thing’s first: I want to dispel the common myth that you can only go to places like Norway if you either 1) have a ton of money, 2) are a professional photographer on a job, or 3) have an easy career or no career at all. An affordable, fun and authentic travel experience, even to less frequented places like Norway, is absolutely possible with a little budgeting, planning and strategizing. Last I checked, I am still very much employed. I simply set my sights on Norway and made the…read more

Red River Trad Climb, Under The Stars

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This night was going to be a night of firsts for me — I was about to do my first night climb, follow on my first trad route, and do my first multi-pitch climb all at once. It is 10 p.m. in the Red River Gorge, and I find myself driving down a small winding road in the pitch dark with new climbers I just had the pleasure of meeting a few days prior. My stomach is in knots, and I feel butterflies all over my body. We are getting…read more

Backpacking Through The Pain … Kid Style

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You’re two miles into a backpacking trip and you get a pain in your foot. It takes all of your energy and effort to keep moving forward. Some of us will grin and bear it and others will turn back. This scenario is familiar to a lot of us but what about when you were six years old? I know I wasn’t backpacking at six years old. I was probably roaming the streets of my neighborhood, not the wilderness. This is exactly what happened to J-Man back in July during…read more