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Finding family in a tour de France

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It’s 7 p.m. and I’m pacing my dad’s apartment in Rouvenac, France. The sun is setting on the surrounding vineyards and the tiny old Frenchmen that sits outside his home, rain or shine, waving at the infrequent traffic on the one-lane road has finally gone in for supper. My mother and boyfriend are en route from Marseilles airport, a drive I may have told them was a mere two hours from Rouvenac. I discovered later that it was closer to five hours. Add that to a 17-hour flight – not to mention…read more

Sledding in the Swiss Alps – fun for the whole family

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Winter is here. Are you the type of person who hibernates inside and waits for winter to pass? Or do you get outside and make the most of it? You don’t need to be a skier to enjoy outdoor recreation in the winter. Snowshoeing and sledding are also great options that don’t require a lot of skill or equipment. Well-known for its world class skiing, my family spent last winter in Switzerland. But did you know they also boast some of the best sledding in the world? Schlitteln (sledding, sledging, tobogganing)…read more

An adventure with Montana grizzly bears or Costa Rican sloths?

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Every year, our family tries to go bigger on our annual summer adventure. This year, for the first time, we decided to take it down a few notches. After months of planning a ten-day expedition into the wild Absaroka Range with our eight-year-old, we threw it all out the window at the eleventh hour and decided to trade in Montana grizzly bears for Costa Rican sloths. A sweet airline deal and a dose of laziness launched us from packing sleeping bags and dehydrated food in our ACT Lites and Aircontacts to…read more

Video: A snowy slackline lesson with Faith Dickey

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Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean you have to hang up your slackline. Deuter Ambassador Faith Dickey, aka That Slackline Girl, gives a few pointers on how to balance in your puffy coat and boots.

The magic of the Faroe Islands: a lesson in faith

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“You’re going where on holiday?,” asked friends and family before a weekend adventure to the Faroe Islands.  “What’s even there? Why wouldn’t you go someplace more popular, like Spain?” Upon stepping off the plane, it’s clear this is not your average “tourist” destination. The Faroe Islands are one of the only countries in the world without a McDonalds. All 18 islands sit roughly equidistant from Iceland and Norway, and can be traversed with relative ease – whether by boat, by tunnel or by helicopter.

High altitude cooking basics on Denali, North America’s highest peak

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Have you ever wondered how mountaineers feed themselves and stay hydrated at high-altitude on expeditions to places such as Denali in Alaska? Climbing Denali – all 20,310ft of it – requires a serious energy output. Clients and guides spend up to 21 days carrying anywhere from 90-120 pounds apiece for 13,000 vertical feet of ascent. Climbers easily burn up to 5,000 calories and drink 4-6 liters of water per day. Here are the basics: Kitchen set-up and equipment On Denali we dedicate a kitchen mid-tent for cooking, eating and enjoying hot…read more

Take a walk with Walker … to a café or to the end of the world

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Coming this spring, Deuter’s new pack, the Walker, combines a premium back system with heritage styling for those who walk … no matter where! The Walker day pack is ready for any kind of walk: to campus, to the pool, to go shopping, to work, to have a picnic or on a trip. It’s available in three versions, the largest of which (Walker 24) features a dedicated laptop compartment. They may be new, but these urban packs breathe the spirit of the adventurer of old. Nestled in the German town of…read more

Camping this autumn? Don’t forget something sweet

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October is here and the afternoons are cooling down on the long road to winter. It’s time to start pulling out the wooly hats and long johns. It also means campfire meals are becoming all the more enticing, both while camping and at home. And where there’s a good meal, there’s a good dessert, too! Here’s a couple of our favorites recipes using a cast iron pudgie pie pan or Dutch oven. So, these are for car camping only…unless you’re the kind of person that likes lugging big, extra weights down the trail with you….read more

An alpine guide’s review: The climbing pack that does it all

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I have been using the Deuter Speed Lite 20 for over five years now and find it to be the right pack for everything from grocery shopping to fast and light alpine climbing. The pack’s features seem endless as well as its capacity. It’s a 20-liter pack, but with the side straps you can attach ropes, jackets and even the Deuter External Pockets to maximize storage. It has a piolet (ice axe) holder that is actually made to hold a piolet and does this very well. It comes with helmet holder attachments,…read more

Reasons not to take your kids camping

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“You know, once you have kids you can’t backpack anymore.” “Say goodbye to traveling.” “How are you going to camp?” These are comments we heard when we decided to become parents. Those comments seemed crazy back then and they are still crazy today. Bret nor I began to really love the outdoors until we were in our late teens/early twenties. Bret spent a lot of his time backpacking the Grand Canyon and rock climbing in Queen Creek, Arizona. My love affair with the outdoors began when I started hiking, backpacking…read more