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Backpacking Through The Pain … Kid Style

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You’re two miles into a backpacking trip and you get a pain in your foot. It takes all of your energy and effort to keep moving forward. Some of us will grin and bear it and others will turn back. This scenario is familiar to a lot of us but what about when you were six years old? I know I wasn’t backpacking at six years old. I was probably roaming the streets of my neighborhood, not the wilderness. This is exactly what happened to J-Man back in July during…read more

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge: This Is Our Kingdom

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The sun hasn’t yet risen over the sagebrush and bunchgrass covered hillside. Unzipping my sleeping bag and crawling out of my tent leaves me exposed to the frosty air and as I lace my running shoes over wool socks my teeth chatter. I start off slow putting one foot in front of the other and watching the dawn bring definition to the steppe. The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon awakens before my eyes, and I’m gifted with the sight of pronghorn grazing. Later in the day, birdwatchers and…read more

To Move With The Changing Mountains

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“The more a thing tends to be permanent, the more it tends to be lifeless.” – Alan Watts My favorite element of the mountains is their natural ability to always be changing. They never get stuck in the monotony that humans do or the things we build. Nature is always at work evolving and changing, hence it’s power to always be so full of life. I’ve always thought humans are instinctually bad at this. As a whole, we seem to always want to settle, craving a bit of permanence and…read more

Take a Hike: Urban Adventures With Kids

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Prior to having kids I enjoyed going on long day hikes and overnight backpacking adventures. With babies it’s a lot harder to enjoy such activities, but now that my boys are a bit older, two and four years old, they are able to do some shorter hikes. This past Christmas, Santa brought the family a book on over 100 hikes in and around Seattle. This year our goals is to do all the hikes, many of them are urban adventures which are great for kids. So far we have done…read more

Welcome Back Winter!

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Anyone who lives and skis in California or the Pacific Northwest knows that a “good” winter has been a long time coming. Four years in a row of below average winters, the last two being among the worst on record, have left skiers throughout the Golden State, including myself, questioning their choice of where they live to ski. Over that time, ski areas have struggled and backcountry skiers have been limited to a handful of higher elevation zones. This season, however, thanks to a strong El Nino, we are off to…read more

A Break From The Bike At Grand Canyon National Park

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I arrive at the Grand Canyon, my eighth National Park of the year, on a strikingly clear day. As I strap on my trusty Deuter pack and unload my bike, I can’t help but feel a tinge of frustration when my Pivot Mach 6, a six-inch full-suspension aggressive mountain bike, hits the National Park pavement for a tediously smooth road ride … yet again. However, those frustrations quickly dissipate as I look around and see the striking beauty of earth’s wondrous formations and realize the vital need to keep these natural…read more

Endless Adventure in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

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McCarthy, Alaksa — a community of 200 people — is the perfect starting point for an Alaska-sized adventure. This is where my boyfriend, Jason Denley, and I call home during the summers, guiding for St. Elias Alpine Guides. An end of the road town, McCarthy is nestled in the heart of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Summer began as we were spoiled with 10 cloudless days, skiing and climbing with fellow guides on the Upper Baldwin Glacier in the St. Elias section of the park. My favorite climb on this trip was…read more

The Art of Suffering

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Why do I subject myself to physical struggles and suffering? It’s cold. Cold enough to seep into your bones and take several cups of hot chocolate and a warm fire to return to homeostasis. So why on earth are we outside, with skis strapped to our vulnerable meat-bag like bodies? The location is the exposed ridge of Hog’s Back in Quebec’s Chic Chocs. These east coast beasts, pronounced ‘Shick Shocks’ in a luscious French accent, are a mountain range in the heart of the Gaspe Peninsula. There’s a 50 mile-an-hour wind…read more

Mountain Mornings: A Photo Study by Daniel Fox

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I recently spent two-and-a-half weeks at Summit Powder Mountain, located near Eden in Utah. The reason of my visit was to capture the spirit of the location and create an art series from the inspiration received while hiking the mountain. Mornings we consistent and always beautiful, a thick orange line above the horizon, gradients of intense blues and yellows until the sun would appear and dominate the sky. For the most part of first week, the clouds were absent. The sun rose every morning on a empty sky, and by…read more

Destination Iceland: Adventure Travel For Active Families

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Iceland is a destination that both my wife and I have held high on our individual and collective lists of must-see places for quite some time. We had both initially envisioned it as an adventurous trip filled with extended backcountry travel that did not include children. However, this summer we found ourselves heading to Iceland with our 4-year old son, 21-month old daughter, and a vague idea of what we wanted to do while we were there. Planning any trip that will revolve around outdoor activities always invokes questions about…read more