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Discovering the Freedom of Biking

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With the beginning of a new year, I have been contemplating the past year and the adventures I have had with my family as I have watched our children grow and change. One of the notable achievements for my son was learning to ride a bike. He started the year on a balance bike and soon moved to a 12” pedal bike, which he rode with no training wheels through the spring, summer and fall. Both his skills and his stature grew and as a result he ended the year…read more

What’s in my pack: Deuter Ambassador Jeremy Benson on Backcountry Skiing

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Over the past 13 years of backcountry skiing I’ve developed a bit of a routine with my packing for days of ski touring. While the contents of my pack vary slightly based on the weather, snowpack, or the day’s objectives, the primary contents remain relatively the same day after day. Generally speaking, everything that I bring with me for a day in the mountains is stuff that I deem absolutely necessary, there is very little fluff or extra weight. Depending on the length of the tour, I choose the appropriate…read more

Guest Blogger: Backpacking Bishop Pass with friends & Deuter packs

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An avid Deuter enthusiast, Adam Broderick manages the web content at Tahoe Mountain Sports. When he is not in the office, he tries his best to be in the field doing something awesome. Recently, Adam shared one of his adventures with us through the Write for Us section of the Deuter blog. Interested in having your stories featured, submit your content HERE. Last August I met four childhood friends from San Diego in Bishop, California. In case you’re unaware, Bishop is like the Gateway to Heaven for outdoor enthusiasts. A geological hotspot lying on the…read more

The life of a Deuter Kikki

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Day 1: Today I arrived at my new home. A little 2-year-old boy (Ky) was so excited to meet me and we became best friends immediately, our first adventure together was to the store with his mommy and daddy. Ky wore me everywhere! He even took a nap with me. Oh, how he makes me feel so loved.   We rode his bike, fought bad guys, and explored new worlds. Day 12: My first day at daycare was today. Ky proudly wore me to the car and then into daycare. I was proudly…read more

You like mountain biking, right?

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“You like mountain biking, right?” asked my friend and professional photographer, Ryan. “Yeah, I ride all the time, I’m as into mountain biking as I am into skiing,” I said. “Well, I’m shooting a feature article for Bike Magazine about South Lake Tahoe,” he said, “You ever ride down there?” In the non-skiing months, I ride my mountain bike nearly everyday, but it’s not everyday that I get asked to shoot pics while doing it, especially for an article in Bike Magazine. While I may have my picture taken somewhat…read more

Tips and Tricks: keep it clean folks!

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The change of seasons is a great time to consider the maintenance needs of your gear, especially before storing it away for a time. Cleaning your hydration system isn’t often a priority post ride, or when you’re rushing to the trailhead, but take some time as you shift your active gear over from fall to winter to make sure it is clean, dry and in good condition. Here is our recommendation for how to clean and maintain the Deuter Streamer hydration system. To open the Streamer – (1) Remove the…read more

Exploring the Big Island and finding your Mana(Hawaiian for “life-force)

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The power of this place struck me immediately. There must be something in that blue water or maybe it’s the volcanic dust that hangs in the air on still days but something about this town, this coast and these islands that speaks to the men in my family. My grandfather first came to the Hawaiian Islands with Uncle Sam on his way to fly fighter planes and supply runs over the ‘hump’ from India to Burma in World War II. Like so many others who chanced upon the islands, they…read more

The outdoor school of life lessons for little tykes.

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Some people think, or have been told, that when they become parents their outdoor lifestyle inevitably slows or halts altogether. That’s just not the case- nor does it have to be. I encourage parents to continue their outdoor lifestyle and teach their tykes to embrace it along the way. There are so many things young tykes learn when out on adventures. They aren’t just trudging up a hill, just sleeping in a tent or just skiing down a slope. Tykes are not only learning about the natural world around them,…read more

Creative Shoving 101: how to pack for alpine climbing.

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Alpine Climbing: The art of shoving; shoving the lightest and most compact gear I currently own into the smallest pack. Bonus points are given for creativity. Success! I nail it. With my shoving expertise I fill each itty bitty air bubble or minuscule cubbyhole for a tight, well-balanced pack. A smile grows across my face as I envision the transitional ease from the trek into base camp when half my gear is dumped to a lighter summit climb. Now I just need the right pack for this job. I eye…read more

Tips and Tricks: Safely Lifting Your Pack

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Though it’s easy to think you can handle swinging that 70-pound pack up onto your shoulders in a “sack of potatoes” motion, it’s also easy to strain your back doing this. It’s best to take some precautions so you don’t end up flat on your back, missing an entire day in the backcountry. There are a number of safe approaches to loading your backpack. Regardless of which you choose, keep in mind the fundamentals of lifting: knees bent, back straight, and a willingness to ask for help. First Technique The…read more