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To Helion with you

Posted in: Deuter USA Blog Posts ♦ Tuesday, November 5th, 2013, 7:45 am ♦ 2 Comments

Booher3 764x1024 To Helion with youIf it’s possible to fall in love with a rolling suitcase, I have. What, you say, could remotely make an airport cargo kit sexy? Let me fill you in on a little secret, the latest silver bullet from Deuter: the Helion 80.

As a religious procrastinator, I started packing for my kids and myself a scant few hours before our flight left for the Colorado high country. Normally I drive the 24 hours to Crested Butte so I can take bikes, an embarrassing amount of footwear, and lots and lots of liquids in containers larger than 3 oz. But this was going to be a quick July trip- enough to get a friend and wildflower fix- then turn and hightail it back to my new (Bavarian) mountain home in Leavenworth. Sizing up my arsenal of roller bags, black hole duffels, and carry-ons, I zeroed in on the Helion. I suspected it might be up to the task of delivering gear for my boys and me through the purgatory of TSA and the world of lost luggage.

booher2 764x1024 To Helion with you

The first thing that tipped me off to knowing I’d made a solid suitcase selection was when I was able to compact a queen sized bed load of gear into an 80 L bag. Seriously- that included 3 bike helmets plus all that goes with bikes, a painfully slimmed down selection of shoes, and clothing/outerwear to meet the weather flux of 30-90 degrees- for 3 people! Granted, 2 of those were tiny folk but you cannot escape the redundancy of socks, underwear, essential stuffed animals, and jeans. In all transparency, I did bring one more small suitcase, but the Helion damn near wedged it all in.

Key aspects that made this pack job possible were the interior compression straps, internal organizing pockets, and a handy external pouch for the inevitable TSA humiliation.

Keeping my eye on the 49.9 lb prize, I came in at 48. Wahoo!

Not many things get me excited about traveling on multiple planes with small children, other than feeling like I’ve somehow beaten the system. I got such satisfaction on this trip. First, I took that 48 lb Helion and wheeled it right by the baggage check to the gate. I happily pocketed that bag fee and earmarked it for all the sunscreen I had to leave at home. While I was sure I’d be called out for being a hair over carry-on limit, The Helion fit amply into the X-ray and we sailed right through our first hurdle. I had no intention of taking it on board so my next task was to make it to my gate with 2 kids and way too many micro bags. If you doubt the savvy of hauling that luggage through the airport, you are quickly enlightened. First, the wheels on this beast are rather cadillac-ish- seriously. Super smooth and quiet. Next, should you ever need to go up or down stairs, you can easily unzip the Helion underside and wear the beast as a backpack- very quickly, very comfortably. But the number one awesome reason to wheel your huge bag through the airport is that your 3 yr old can ride on it, in it, or over it with a huge smile while waving to admiring onlookers.

All this and you can still can make your connection on time, and without a tantrum. That my friends, makes this bag priceless.

Ellie Booher (Family Ambassador)

booher1 To Helion with you


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