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How to Use ‘No’ to Get to More ‘Hell Yes’ in 2018

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This blog is about New Year’s Resolutions. I know what you’re thinking “Wait, Resolutions? In March?” Well, yes, it is March, but it’s been a busy start to the year, and I’ve always been a bit of a procrastinator. I’m not usually one to set New Year’s Resolutions, so this year, I’m setting more of an intention… trying to live by a mantra. Those who have been to a yoga class know what I mean. At the beginning of the class, the instructor prompts you to set intentions for your…read more

Video: Badass, Silly and Spirited – Being a Woman in the Outdoors

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What happens when you take a group of badass, silly, spirited women and chuck them onto a trail in Colorado for a day? Follow Deuter Ambassadors Kathy Karlo, Emma Walker and Kristin Arnold as they discuss the dynamics of the outdoor community, what makes their experiences unique and having gear that isn’t just made for the masses. “Every one out here has something that makes them special” “My Deuter is my vessel for snacks” What’s your Deuter to you?  Video by Sea to Summit Productions

Baby Steps: Overcoming Depression with Small Stints in Nature

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In 2017 my wife Chelsea and I were fortunate enough to welcome our daughter into the pack. Long story short, that first year was extremely difficult for me. I dove into a depression which turns out is pretty normal for fathers and there isn’t much help for it. It was only when I started taking small moments in nature, even urban environments, that I began to overcome this depression. To add insult to injury, I felt utterly ashamed of the fact that I was depressed. Me… an outdoor professional… who pushes…read more

Chasing Winter: Top Tips on Packing For Long Cold Trips

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I pride myself on being a light packer, but that gets tricky when I’m headed out of town for more than a week. It’s even harder in winter when we need more layers. Throw in a variety of activities at my destination and I’m ready to give up and buy a bigger suitcase. When I started packing for a trip to northern Finland in February, I challenged myself to fit everything I needed into a medium-sized suitcase, then use my Deuter Guide 35+ as my carry-on. Temperatures in Finnish Lapland…read more

The World Famous Recipe for ‘No Bake Hippy Balls’

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We are not only a family of hikers, but also a family of foodies. Tasty treats on the trail are just about as important as a summit brew to us. And after years of trying different pre-packaged trail snacks, we got pretty bored of the options (and the junk inside of them). So, we took to the kitchen and created our now world famous recipe for hippy balls (seriously though, trail friends from around the world have tried them!). And we’ve perfected them throughout the years. We love this snack…read more

Pro tips: How to stay warm ice climbing

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Many folks have not tried ice climbing because they are afraid it will be too cold. But with a little knowledge and some preparation it’s not hard to stay quite warm and have a pleasant experience. Here are a few pro tips on keeping the blood pumping to the right areas: Don’t get sweaty on the hike in When you start your approach, you want to be cold. If the hike is going to be uphill you want to be very cold… like, so cold you want to get back…read more

Pros and Cons of Living on the Road

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Living on the road can be a lot of things – adventure, curiosity of the unknown and stimulating exploration – yet, weaved into those joyful moments, change and challenges also present themselves. Let’s dive a little deeper into exploring those realities: PRO: New places to run, climb, hike and ski are at your fingertips everyday. You can wake-up at the base of the Sierra Mountains, on the rugged coast of Oregon or on the rim of a vast canyon in the desert. CON: It’s difficult to maintain a consistent training routine….read more

Multi-Pitch Climbing: What to Pack?

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Do you bring a pack with you when you take on multi-pitch climbing? When I climb a longer multi-pitch (usually more than three pitches) I’ll bring a small pack to carry some essentials: 1. Water With the built-in Deuter hydration system, it’s super convenient to bring water with you on a climb, without having to worry about anything spilling. (I recommend the 2L Streamer or the 3L Streamer). Additionally, I’ll bring a water bottle of a sports drink to provide much needed sugar and electrolytes. 2. Snacks I always slip…read more

Guest Blogger: Where do Alaskan Fly Fishing Guides go in Winter?

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I have the best job on the planet. My home base really is my home, and it’s surrounded by some of the most beautiful wilderness on Earth. If that sounds like an exaggeration, consider this: I own and operate a fly fishing lodge in Alaska, and I love to fish. Family and friends help me welcome and guide fellow anglers from all over the world. One of the questions we hear most often always makes us smile: “So, where do you fish when you aren’t working?” The truth is that…read more

Type 2 Fun and Following the Yellow Brick Road

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There’s something about type 2 fun that fuels my mind. Every time I reach out to the outdoors, I feel as if my consciousness is like Dorothy being transported into a different world; a world where foggy views and unsettlingly burdens are unable to keep up; where me being me is all I need. So I put my red shoe(s) on and take a chance. I have created an ability to express myself though the actions I follow. Don’t get me wrong, running physically sucks for a chunk of time,…read more