9 Must-Have Oddities and Eccentricities in Your Backpack

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You’re packing up your bag for an outing in the wilderness with friends or family.

What far-out/weird/unique must-have oddities do you ferret away for the journey? 

We asked our Deuter ambassador crew. They delivered. 

John Soltys – “A tutu to raise awareness and money for the fight against breast cancer. Also: style points.”

Brittany Greer – “A Japanese sacred satchel (mystery contents, as you’re not allowed to ever open it) from the Toshogu Shrine in Nikko, Japan. It never leaves my pack. It was a gift from a Japanese friend to keep me safe and protected. Also a needle and rubber strips for old-school tire plugs.”

Elisa Rispoli – “Our ukulele! We have a Waterman Uke from Kala, and it’s super lightweight and made out of plastic, so it’s durable and water-resistant. We strap it right onto the back of our pack! There is nothing like hitting a summit, rigging up a hammock and making some music together.”

A ukelele is a must have for Elisa Rispoli and fam

Jeremy Benson – “A popsicle stick. Seems odd, but it’s an indispensable tool for cleaning out the snow and ice from my backcountry ski bindings, plus I occasionally get to eat a popsicle…”

Kathy Karlo – “Probably a Tupperware of cookies or some sort of baked good. Typically not for me; I like to share them/make new friends.”

Aimee Eaton – “Ski packs have everything from candles to act as glop stoppers to metal scrapers and fix-it kits. The kid carriers have the best stuff with small dinosaurs, a tiny bulldozer we found on the side of the Slate River, a waterproof picnic blanket, diapers, a few stray Cheerios, some bubbles, and a kid-sized fishing pole.”

Pip Hunt – “I almost always have a book in my bag. I try to make it paperback (although I’ve lugged a hardback into a campsite before) and fiction!”

Zak Farmer – “I usually always have climber’s tape and finger nail clippers. Those two things have always ended up being needed regardless of the activity.”

Amelia Mayer – “Do diapers count? I always have to carry diapers. Grrr. And a Honey Stick from Action Wipes to ease ailments along the way. Wish I had something cooler than that!! I try to travel ‘light’ with four littles and a pregnant belly.”

Everyone loves a good list.

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Header photo “contents of backpack” by Hello Turkey Toe/Flicker.