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Becoming a Parent, And The Best Baby Gift You Can Buy

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“Where do I get one of those packs?” “We just had a little girl. When can I put her in one of those packs?” “Our first kid is coming in two months – how do I keep doing the things I love outside?” In person and over social media, I answer these questions on a weekly basis. New parents see my husband and I carrying our sons on our backs while fishing, hiking, or getting groceries and want to know how we’re making it happen. Our answer is the same…read more

Where do you stand on the public lands debate?

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Hundreds of outdoor industry leaders are urging congress to defend public lands. Deuter Ambassadors Aimee and Mike Eaton give their take on the issue in this short video from Trout Unlimited. Where do you stand?

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge: This Is Our Kingdom

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The sun hasn’t yet risen over the sagebrush and bunchgrass covered hillside. Unzipping my sleeping bag and crawling out of my tent leaves me exposed to the frosty air and as I lace my running shoes over wool socks my teeth chatter. I start off slow putting one foot in front of the other and watching the dawn bring definition to the steppe. The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon awakens before my eyes, and I’m gifted with the sight of pronghorn grazing. Later in the day, birdwatchers and…read more

On Taking Him Camping With Us: Five Things We’ve Learned

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In January of this year my husband and I, along with our then eight-month-old son, began a yearlong camping and fly fishing trip around the United States. To many people, the trip sounds like 365 days of vacation, but because we’re continuing to work regular jobs and have adult commitments it’s really more of a juggling act between obligations and passions. The other big thing that many people don’t necessarily realize right off the bat is that our son, Gus, is along for the whole ride. Beyond a few important…read more