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Returning to Red Rock with the Sunrise Baby

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Words: Blair Haddad Photos: Benny Haddad The last time I got to touch the smooth sandstone of Red Rock, I was 3-4 months pregnant. I was heartbroken to not be climbing in such a beautiful place. When we originally found out we were pregnant, I planned to continue my very active lifestyle – hiking, climbing, yoga. Unfortunately, after a scary hematoma in the very beginning of our pregnancy, I had to cut all physical activity until we healed. Red Rock was our first trip after we’d been cleared for more movement,…read more

This is Our Church – Finding Love in Yosemite

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The first time I drove into Yosemite Valley, I was fresh off a bad break up and newly dating a travel photographer that had spent about 90% of our very short time dating in other places. I needed to get out of the city and clear my head. Being recently introduced to climbing, I knew it was time for me to make the pilgrimage. So, I invited the travel photographer, a.k.a. my future husband Benny, to come with me. I needed a climbing partner, you guys, and I trusted him…read more

Video: Finding the Real Rocky Mountain High

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In the course of our very busy lives, most of us forget what a pleasure it can be to wake up early. While others were sleeping in, missing the most beautiful moments nature had to offer us, choosing to maybe hit the trails later, when the sun’s at its height, the crowds are out, and the wildlife hiding, Jon Berry and I made the effort to wake up while it was still dark. Getting to the trailhead before dawn, we could truly enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park in all it’s glory. Stunning sunrise…read more

Video: A snowy slackline lesson with Faith Dickey

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Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean you have to hang up your slackline. Deuter Ambassador Faith Dickey, aka That Slackline Girl, gives a few pointers on how to balance in your puffy coat and boots.

Deuter Giga Pro – The Perfect Weekend Bug-Out Bag

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The bug-out bag … because sometimes you find yourself in need of a quick getaway. For the professional, that might just be a quick overnight business trip.  For the romantic, maybe you’re surprising your sweetheart with a weekend at a bed and breakfast. An artistic adventurer might just be driving out to wherever they can find dark skies for a night of shooting the Milky Way. You need a bag that can comfortably carry the clothes, accessories, electronics, snacks, and cameras that you’ll want to take with you.  But you…read more

Video: Deuter on the Lost Coast with Benny Haddad

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Join Deuter Ambassador and professional filmmaker Benny Haddad as he travels Northern California’s Lost Coast by backpack.