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Arctic Unicorns: What it Takes to Push Through Those Cold Autumn Outings

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No such thing as bad weather, just bad gear Although born and raised in Colorado, I’m not one of those rare Eskimo Goddesses that thrive and sparkle like unicorns in the cold weather. Before every fall/winter adventure, I dread the bone-chilling cold that lies ahead and grossly overthink every piece of apparel and gear to pack…that is, if I haven’t fervently talked myself into staying indoors where it’s dry and warm. But alas, I have found a system to keep me comfortable while shredding the trails in Colorado’s elements! No…read more

A Few Tips for Traveling Abroad With Your Beloved Bike

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So you’ve spun the globe and picked a sweet far-flung locale to do some killer biking. However, traveling abroad isn’t without its dangers. Here’s a few things to consider before you head off on your epic two-wheeled adventure: 1. The car If you’re not going with a group, tour, or guide, make damn sure your rental car is big enough for all that gear. The cliché that everything is bigger in the U.S. is kind of true. A “van” in Europe is not the same as a van in the U.S….read more

Capturing the Spirit of Adventure: An Interview with Ian Fohrman

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Ian Fohrman (@iandavidf) is a Denver-based photographer, writer, director, skier, biker, hunter and jack of all trades (master of most).  Although Ian’s creative endeavors are vast, his greatest passions live amongst nature and embracing the spirit of adventure. He’s inspired and determined to make this world a better place – one story and one photo at a time.    You’ve been professionally shooting photos for 10 years now. What’s the best part of what you do?   I get to explore, capture, and share photos of some of the best…read more

Dancing With Mayan Fire – Biking the Best of Guatemalan Volcanoes

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We were standing atop Volcán Agua (8200’) after machete-ing (can we make this into a verb?) our way through a dense, jungle-laden road in an old beat up truck with four bikes in the back. The Guatemalan fog was thick and murky, like the coffee we had for breakfast. We didn’t have a clue what to expect, but we did have our humble Guatemalan local to reveal and unfold the journey ahead… A group of bike obsessed strangers from Whistler and Colorado got a last-minute opportunity with Backshop Bike Tours to explore the trails of Central America. Without…read more

Mountain Biking In Japan? You Bet, And That’s Not All

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For the first time in a long time, I went somewhere just to travel — not specifically for mountain biking, though I did get some in. To simply be a “geijin” (the Japanese equivalent of a Gringa). I went with no expectations and no plans. I wanted to openly explore the country that has long been on my bucket list. So I packed up the Deuter Helion 80 with all the gear (think durable roller with a legit backpack system) and my light and versatile ACT Trail 22 SL, and…read more

To Move With The Changing Mountains

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“The more a thing tends to be permanent, the more it tends to be lifeless.” – Alan Watts My favorite element of the mountains is their natural ability to always be changing. They never get stuck in the monotony that humans do or the things we build. Nature is always at work evolving and changing, hence it’s power to always be so full of life. I’ve always thought humans are instinctually bad at this. As a whole, we seem to always want to settle, craving a bit of permanence and…read more

A Break From The Bike At Grand Canyon National Park

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I arrive at the Grand Canyon, my eighth National Park of the year, on a strikingly clear day. As I strap on my trusty Deuter pack and unload my bike, I can’t help but feel a tinge of frustration when my Pivot Mach 6, a six-inch full-suspension aggressive mountain bike, hits the National Park pavement for a tediously smooth road ride … yet again. However, those frustrations quickly dissipate as I look around and see the striking beauty of earth’s wondrous formations and realize the vital need to keep these natural…read more

Ditch Day — Keeping it Light on the Mountain Bike

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Don’t get me wrong – I love mountain bike racing. The encouraging atmosphere and high demands force you to push your limits and work your absolute hardest. At the end of it all, it’s extremely rewarding. But after a long and challenging weekend at the Aspen/Snowmass Big Mountain Enduro race earlier this summer, I was craving a no-pressure weekend of fun riding. So when BME stop #2 came to Colorado’s Keystone Resort a couple of weeks later, I readily allowed myself a “ditch day” and hit the road west, back…read more