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Baby Steps: Overcoming Depression with Small Stints in Nature

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In 2017 my wife Chelsea and I were fortunate enough to welcome our daughter into the pack. Long story short, that first year was extremely difficult for me. I dove into a depression which turns out is pretty normal for fathers and there isn’t much help for it. It was only when I started taking small moments in nature, even urban environments, that I began to overcome this depression. To add insult to injury, I felt utterly ashamed of the fact that I was depressed. Me… an outdoor professional… who pushes…read more

Party Over Policy? Rubbing Salt in the OR Wound

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Gone are the days when flannel shirts, beards, and Subarus flock to Salt Lake City for the annual granola festival at the Salt Palace Convention Center. It’s so interesting that the state of Utah – projected to be one of the top states for businesses – would not care about one of its largest industries. And so the Outdoor Retailer show has decided it is time to move away from its Salt Lake home for greener pastures and a state that cares about human-powered recreation. I can’t say I’m surprised…read more

Adventuring With a Pregnant Wife: “Taking it Easier Than Normal”

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There I was in the Uintas Mountains in the middle of the night and my wife Chelsea, 16-weeks pregnant, is leaning out of the tent for her fifth bout of morning sickness. We had decided to head out on a short backpacking trip to see how she handled it before we took off for a planned trip to Havasupai in the Grand Canyon the next week. “This is awful!” she bellowed out as she pulled her head back inside the tent. And with that we cancelled our trip. We decided…read more

Is Pokemon GO Good For The Outdoors Community?

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By now you’ve heard of, seen, know about, play, or hate Pokemon GO. It’s doing something that most electronic games haven’t done: Getting people outside. But the biggest question on the outdoorsy mind is, “Does it belong?” I’ve seen the internet and social media full of hate for the game. Players may be getting outside, but they are not there to immerse themselves into the environment. Instead they are just staring at a screen. Seriously? Who cares! Let them catch Pokemon! This is a huge step in getting people off…read more

Hayduke Trail, One Section At A Time

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For the past year my friends and I have been dreaming of the adventure that is the Hayduke Trail, an 880-mile journey from Arches National Park to Zion National Park by way of the Grand Canyon. The problem we have is we can’t take off three plus months while we’re in school and working. So we’ve decided to section hike it. The first section of the Hayduke Trail is a 40-mile adventure through a great section of backcountry in Arches National Park, through Moab, and onto a busy dirt road…read more

Four Days Down the Paria Canyon

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There is nothing better than heading out into new backcountry. Actually there is something better: when the location exceeds all your expectations. That was the case on the four-day hike down Paria Canyon. This canyon blew me away. Had I known what this place was like, I would’ve explored there a long time ago. The trail starts in Utah and ends 38 miles later at Lee’s Ferry in Arizona. It follows the Paria River from the trailhead through the geologic history — 85 million years worth — of the Colorado Plateau….read more