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What it Takes to Climb Aconcagua – It’s More Possible Than you Think

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Are you comfortable climbing the 14ers around Colorado? Think you’ve got the chops for higher peaks, but don’t know what you should attempt next? At an elevation of 23,837 feet (6960.8 meters) Aconcagua is one of the best mountains in the world to test yourself at high altitude mountaineering due to its non-technical nature. The mountain is the second highest of the “Seven Summits” and typically attempted after climbing Mount Elbrus or Kilimanjaro – for those trying to climb them all. For the rest of us just out for incredible adventures…read more

How to Adventure: A Fool-Proof Guide

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We love the outdoors and are constantly looking for new adventures. Spending time in the mountains and being immersed in the outdoors is what makes us feel whole. Sometimes the extra work it takes to commit to visiting a certain location or taking the road less traveled can be dissuading. But almost every time, the decision to “just go for it” and start out on an adventure is more than worth the effort. Here are some quick tips on how to embark on an adventure of your own: 1. Get…read more

High altitude cooking basics on Denali, North America’s highest peak

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Have you ever wondered how mountaineers feed themselves and stay hydrated at high-altitude on expeditions to places such as Denali in Alaska? Climbing Denali – all 20,310ft of it – requires a serious energy output. Clients and guides spend up to 21 days carrying anywhere from 90-120 pounds apiece for 13,000 vertical feet of ascent. Climbers easily burn up to 5,000 calories and drink 4-6 liters of water per day. Here are the basics: Kitchen set-up and equipment On Denali we dedicate a kitchen mid-tent for cooking, eating and enjoying hot…read more

The Majesty of Winter in Alaska

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The mountains of Alaska hold some of the most dramatic and stunning views I could ever imagine. When blanketed in snow, their magnificence becomes even more notable. Winter in Alaska is my favorite time of year: beautiful, golden and majestic. With winter comes snow that opens up access to terrain you would not want to approach during the summer. This winter has been a warm one up here in Girdwood, Alaska. On normal years rain at sea-level is not unheard of, but this year, due to some effects from El…read more

Endless Adventure in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

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McCarthy, Alaksa — a community of 200 people — is the perfect starting point for an Alaska-sized adventure. This is where my boyfriend, Jason Denley, and I call home during the summers, guiding for St. Elias Alpine Guides. An end of the road town, McCarthy is nestled in the heart of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Summer began as we were spoiled with 10 cloudless days, skiing and climbing with fellow guides on the Upper Baldwin Glacier in the St. Elias section of the park. My favorite climb on this trip was…read more