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Slovenia’s Hidden Gem: Slemenova Spica

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When people think of European travel, they commonly will list off some of the more popular and well documented mountain ranges: the Swiss Alps, Mont Blanc, maybe even the Italian Dolomites.  But tucked away just a stone’s throw away from Venice is the beautiful country of Slovenia, which boasts the equally beautiful, albeit still remotely unheard of Julian Alps and Triglav National Park. Holiday Criteria When I think of the ideal place to backpack on holiday, I will consistently list out a few criteria: 1) epic mountain peaks, 2) many…read more

The Magic of the Faroe Islands: A Lesson in Faith

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“You’re going where on holiday?,” asked friends and family before a weekend adventure to the Faroe Islands.  “What’s even there? Why wouldn’t you go someplace more popular, like Spain?” Upon stepping off the plane, it’s clear this is not your average “tourist” destination. The Faroe Islands are one of the only countries in the world without a McDonalds. All 18 islands sit roughly equidistant from Iceland and Norway, and can be traversed with relative ease – whether by boat, by tunnel or by helicopter.

Norway In A Nutshell: Making It Affordable, Making Friends And Making It Authentic

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First thing’s first: I want to dispel the common myth that you can only go to places like Norway if you either 1) have a ton of money, 2) are a professional photographer on a job, or 3) have an easy career or no career at all. An affordable, fun and authentic travel experience, even to less frequented places like Norway, is absolutely possible with a little budgeting, planning and strategizing. Last I checked, I am still very much employed. I simply set my sights on Norway and made the…read more