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Enter to win #MyDeuterAdventure in Estes Park

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The Bestest in Estes Basecamp to Rocky Mountain National Park and Roosevelt National Forest, Estes Park, Colorado, is one of the most stunning mountain locales in the U.S. In the month of July, Deuter USA is sending two happy hikers for a stunning 2-night mountain getaway in partnership with Visit Estes. To qualify, share your favorite trail pics with us on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #MyDeuterAdventure and enter HERE. Hike in the mountains, dine on a cliff Winners will receive a pair of new Futura hiking packs to…read more

The Summit of Stoke: An Ambassadorial Adventure in Estes Park

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You’ve been there. Maybe your employer called it an “offsite” – where you and a few dozen folks you kind of know hole up together for a few days and explore your shared commonality. These multi-day events can be trying – often requiring a lot of awkward social dancing. The goals are usually to emerge from the experience with checkmarks on some sort of goal sheet handed down by the board of directors or HR director. Last weekend, in snowy Estes Park, Colorado, Deuter held its second-ever “Ambassador Summit” –…read more

Video: Badass, Silly and Spirited – Being a Woman in the Outdoors

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What happens when you take a group of badass, silly, spirited women and chuck them onto a trail in Colorado for a day? Follow Deuter Ambassadors Kathy Karlo, Emma Walker and Kristin Arnold as they discuss the dynamics of the outdoor community, what makes their experiences unique and having gear that isn’t just made for the masses. “Every one out here has something that makes them special” “My Deuter is my vessel for snacks” What’s your Deuter to you?  Video by Sea to Summit Productions

Public Lands: The Fight is On, So Get Involved

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At Deuter, we feel compelled to fight the shrinking of Bears Ears and Escalante Grand Staircase National Monuments and want to encourage everyone who loves the outdoors to get involved in a constructive way. That involvement can be as simple as staying informed and sharing that awareness. A wide range of groups are doing great work supporting public land and providing educational resources. Many of these organizations operate solely on the support of donations and benefit one another through combined support and messaging. By learning, volunteering or donating, you will be…read more

A Trials Legend – 3 Questions with Hans “No Way” Rey

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Deuter Ambassador Hans “No Way” Rey is on a speaking tour of the UK right now. We couldn’t let the Brits to have all the fun, so between reflections on his long career as a world renowned trials cyclist and signing autographs for adoring fans, we caught up with him for a mini-interview. Maybe if we ask reallllly nicely, he’ll come visit us in North America, too. Q: What’s the longest nose wheelie you ever did? Crash or not…  Hans Rey: Well, there was the famous one in Hunter Mountain at the…read more

Transalp – The King of All Alpine Bike Tours

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The dream of crossing the Alps by bike isn’t just reserved for pro bikers thanks to the many possible routes. So should you consider when planning your Trans Alpine (Transalp) route? How do you prepare? And what do the pros say about preparing for a Transalp? The Right Preparation for a Transalp First off all, you need to find the route that’s right for you. You need to evaluate your endurance, your riding technique, as well as your ability to navigate in the mountains. The classic beginner’s Transalp is the…read more

So Long, Utah, See You in Denver – Outdoor Retailer 2017

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In the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains, outdoor industry professionals, media members and retailers gathered for a last time in Salt Lake City to ogle and awe at the latest gear and gadgets for outdoor adventure. That’s right folks, the dust has just settled on Outdoor Retail Summer Market 2017. Of course, Deuter was there in style, showing off the latest from the adventurous minds at Deuter HQ. The first thing everyone noticed was a complete redesign of the color scheme. Tonal is the new paradigm. Looking deeper, they would…read more

Fitting the Kid Comfort 1, 2, & 3 Carrier

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Q. Which Kid Comfort (KC) carrier is right for me? Deuter offers four carrier models to meet a range of uses and budgets. The Kid Comfort 1 retails for $199 and offers a safe, lightweight, no-frills pack. The Kid Comfort Air retails for $239. Features the Aircomfort mesh back system, offering maximum ventilation for hiking in warmer weather. A little heavier than the Kid Comfort 1 but still very maneuverable. The Kid Comfort 2 retails for $249. It features a pivoting hip belt for increased comfort. It also has the Aircontact ventilation system, the same technology used…read more

9 Must-Have Oddities and Eccentricities in Your Backpack

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You’re packing up your bag for an outing in the wilderness with friends or family. What far-out/weird/unique must-have oddities do you ferret away for the journey?  We asked our Deuter ambassador crew. They delivered.  John Soltys – “A tutu to raise awareness and money for the fight against breast cancer. Also: style points.” Brittany Greer – “A Japanese sacred satchel (mystery contents, as you’re not allowed to ever open it) from the Toshogu Shrine in Nikko, Japan. It never leaves my pack. It was a gift from a Japanese friend…read more

9 Cures for a Gnarly Case of Summit Stomach

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You’ve just reached the summit, completed a big ride or skied a massive untracked line. What specific food are you pulling out of your Deuter bag to chow down on?