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Pros and Cons of Living on the Road

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Living on the road can be a lot of things – adventure, curiosity of the unknown and stimulating exploration – yet, weaved into those joyful moments, change and challenges also present themselves. Let’s dive a little deeper into exploring those realities: PRO: New places to run, climb, hike and ski are at your fingertips everyday. You can wake-up at the base of the Sierra Mountains, on the rugged coast of Oregon or on the rim of a vast canyon in the desert. CON: It’s difficult to maintain a consistent training routine….read more

Why You Should Get Out of Bed and Hike, Even if You’re an Exhausted Parent

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It’s 4:30 a.m. and my alarm is ringing at the bedside. I look out the window. It’s still dark. I lay there, realizing that the house is finally quiet. Throughout the night, I was awake with my feverish and tearful child. Frequently soothing her back to sleep four… five… maybe six times. She would sleep for awhile and then awake once again, coughing and uncomfortable. I’m exhausted. If there has ever been a perfect excuse to hit the snooze button, this is it. Yet I lay there with a reverberating thought… “don’t…read more

5 Types of People You Meet on a Summit

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Our world is full of diverse personalities – the tops of mountains are no different. Recently, I put some thought into the types of people I’ve met on the trails throughout my adventures. What type are you?    1. The Adrenaline Junkie  We all know who I’m talking about. It’s the hiker who will eat-up the opportunity to snap photos of that oozing flesh wound, exaggerate the extent of the injury, talk about how tough they are for ripping off a piece of their shirt and tying it around the wounded…read more

Holding Boulders in the Sierra Mountain Range

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Bishop, California is a unique little town at the base of the Sierra Mountain Range. It’s a gateway to the John Muir Trail, Yosemite National Park, numerous climbing areas and some spectacular skiing in Mammoth. When you’re ready for a rest day, the hot springs in the area are a good place to land. The springs are remotely nestled in a valley beneath the mountains and at night the dark desert sky offers some of the best star gazing you’ll ever experience. People come from all over the world to…read more

Where To Hike In Hawaii: Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park

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If you want to hike the coastal mountains of the Hawaii, you can’t go wrong with the Kalalau Trail. It runs along the Nāpali Coast on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Locals will warn that if you want a parking spot near the trailhead, you’d best get up early, and they’re right. The parking lot is limited, and it also serves the beach goers at the nearby Ke’e State Park. After swimming through the sea of wild chickens in the parking lot, you’ll find yourself on the trail. If the…read more

Kid Carrier Odyssey: Kraft Boulders And Ringbolt Springs With Little Ellie

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Our family escaped to the warmer weather this month, grabbed the kid carrier and did some winter climbing at the Kraft Boulders. The boulders are nestled in the hillside just outside Red Rock State Park near Las Vegas, Nevada. Our daughter Ellie is 25 months old and is beginning to experience the joys of climbing outdoors on real rock, which made this trip all the more magical. The boulders have beautiful features on them that offer plentiful climbing to both novice and advanced climbers alike. From the boulders to the springs…read more

Parenting in the Outdoors — A Shift in Perspective

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From the beginning I knew that the challenges of being a father were going to be difficult. A driving goal of mine is to continue my outdoor passions and not let having a child slow down our family adventures. This is a lofty goal and in attempting it I have failed and succeeded in ways I had not expected. While I held on for a while, the ability to maintain long climbing sessions at any hour of the day became challenging. It was difficult to begin seeing changes in my…read more

Splendor of the Red Rocks – On the road with Kid Comfort

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It was about 16 years ago and yet I can still clearly remember my reaction when my dad told me we were moving out to “Arizona.” A brief stereotypical image of Death Valley crossed my mind … something along the lines of a scrawny roadrunner pattering across the dry, cracked earth with heat waves visible in the air and a tumble weed rolling across the barren wasteland. I was devastated. Little did I know, we were moving to a mountain town oasis known as Flagstaff. It’s a town where you…read more