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Type 2 Fun and Following the Yellow Brick Road

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There’s something about type 2 fun that fuels my mind. Every time I reach out to the outdoors, I feel as if my consciousness is like Dorothy being transported into a different world; a world where foggy views and unsettlingly burdens are unable to keep up; where me being me is all I need. So I put my red shoe(s) on and take a chance. I have created an ability to express myself though the actions I follow. Don’t get me wrong, running physically sucks for a chunk of time,…read more

The Art of Suffering

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Why do I subject myself to physical struggles and suffering? It’s cold. Cold enough to seep into your bones and take several cups of hot chocolate and a warm fire to return to homeostasis. So why on earth are we outside, with skis strapped to our vulnerable meat-bag like bodies? The location is the exposed ridge of Hog’s Back in Quebec’s Chic Chocs. These east coast beasts, pronounced ‘Shick Shocks’ in a luscious French accent, are a mountain range in the heart of the Gaspe Peninsula. There’s a 50 mile-an-hour wind…read more

Into the Beartooth Mountains: Granite Peak

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This was my first legitimate mountaineering experience. While consistently visiting the Beartooths for the past year, the thought of finally attempting Granite Peak — the highest point in Montana and one of the most difficult in the lower 48 — was forming in my head. The only other big mountain climb that I had done was the Grand Teton, at the invitation of Paradox Sports. However, that would not have been possible without the help of the highly experienced Exum Mountain Guides. Granite was a whole other equation. This time, I would play…read more