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Are you the adventurous type?  Does your vacation planning involve buying a new topo map, thinking about where you’ll find water along the trail and putting fresh batteries in your headlamp?  After you get back, do you relive each moment, pouring through your photos to share with the world on your blog?

If so, we’re happy to meet you. How’d you like to write for us? Use the form below to submit your Deuter story. Include text, images, videos, links, etc. Tell us about the Deuter product that you used on your adventure, and if we elect to publish your story on our blog, you will be rewarded handsomely with a backpack from our collection.

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Use the form to post your Deuter story

  • Posts should be more than 300 words, are subject to editing and have a much higher likelihood of being published if it is original content. Please include which Deuter product you used during your adventure.
  • Please provide a horizontal image for the heading of the blog post (ideally 1280x540 px)
  • Post links to any additional images that you would like us to look at with your post here.
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