How do I adjust my Variquick shoulder harness?

The Variquick Adjustable Shoulder Harness allows you to customize the fit of your pack for your specific back length.


TIP: have a friend help you determine where the shoulder harness should sit. While you have the pack on, have your friend count the number of attachment loops down the webbing ladder from the top.

Remove the Shoulder Harness
Once you’ve determined where the shoulder harness should sit, unfasten and pull out the Velcro attachment strap from the webbing ladder.

Position the Strap
Slip the Velcro strap beneath 4 attachment loops, the uppermost one being the top attachment loop your friend counted to.


TIP: If you use less than 4 attachment loops, the pack can cause instability and the strap could come loose while in use.

Secure the Harness
Fold over the Velcro strap to secure the shoulder harness.

Check the Position
Put the pack on again to be sure the shoulder harness is sitting in the correct position and adjust accordingly if needed.