A Nod to the Mountain Lifestyle

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M. John Fayhee, one of the masters of mountain lifestyle, passion and opinion has come out with his latest book Bottoms Up. You may know John from the Mountain Gazette in his many years as editor there and as the passionate voice of the Rocky Mountains and beyond. He’s worked a small bit with Hunter S. Thompson and other amazing authors like George Sibley as both an editor and as a collaborator. Fayhee is not only a literary signpost for the mountain folks, but an incredible and insightful man who brings the outdoors into every aspect of living.

Whether its longing to dip your hand into the pickled egg jar at the bar – a practice long gone in most of the world – and enjoying a frosty beverage or talking about the art of  hiking uphill, Fayhee is a man that embodies what it means to enjoy the mountain lifestyle. He’s on tour promoting his new book, so if you live near go see him. If you live far, you’ll be inspired by his stories, attitude and refreshing take on what it means to be entrenched in the mountain lifestyle.

Kick back and enjoy a yarn from John…you’ll find your own inspiration for the ways of the mountains.