Where do you stand on the public lands debate?

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Hundreds of outdoor industry leaders are urging congress to defend public lands. Deuter Ambassadors Aimee and Mike Eaton give their take on the issue in this short video from Trout Unlimited.

Where do you stand?

Looking for some background to this debate? Our American Public Lands has a comprehensive list of news clips from the past three years here.

“There’s no other country in the world that has fostered such an amazing amount of land that’s public for people to enjoy.”

About Aimee & Mike Eaton

Aimee & Mike Eaton

Mike, Aimee and 1-year-old George (aka Gus) Eaton are spending the year traveling across the U.S. and fishing for every game species that can be caught on a fly rod while maintaining jobs and sanity. They're sharing their adventure through social and conventional media, working to show parents that adventure doesn't end when you start a family. When not on the road, the Eaton family lives in Crested Butte, Colorado, where they fly fish, backcountry ski tour, mountain bike, hike and do their best to spend more time outdoors. They use a Deuter Kid Comfort daily in all weather and all conditions and are looking forward to the day when Gus has his own pack. Mike works full-time as an enrolled actuary, and Aimee is a writer who regularly publishes in national outdoor media.