Video: Finding the Real Rocky Mountain High

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In the course of our very busy lives, most of us forget what a pleasure it can be to wake up early.


While others were sleeping in, missing the most beautiful moments nature had to offer us, choosing to maybe hit the trails later, when the sun’s at its height, the crowds are out, and the wildlife hiding, Jon Berry and I made the effort to wake up while it was still dark.

A view of the Rocky Mountains

Getting to the trailhead before dawn, we could truly enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park in all it’s glory. Stunning sunrise views, empty trails, rare and skittish wildlife, and abundant parking are only a few reasons that make the effort worth it.


Reaching the peak of Mt. Ida and getting back to our car before afternoon summer thunderstorms swept in was just the icing on the cake of this magical morning.

Magic in the Morning


There’s magic in the mornings
There’s something different about starting a hike before the sun has risen
Before the world has woken up
Before nature stretches out its arms and starts its day
The cooler air against your skin
The soft crunch of the path beneath your shoes as you start on the trail
Wildlife roam freer, safer
The way silence sounds entirely different from one moment to the next
You can breath deeper, see further, smile wider
There’s magic in the morning


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Benny Haddad

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