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Guest Blogger: 3 Bucket List Hikes in the Faroe Islands

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By: Steve Mokan, owner of Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventures After spending eight days in the Faroe Islands this past June, my takeaway is this: It’s incredible. It could very easily be a world-class hiking and backpacking destination. The trails are there. The infrastructure is there. The mind-blowing scenery is most definitely there. The biggest thing that’s missing is the organization of the trails and hiking paths that already exist. It would help make it more accessible for beginner or intermediate hikers. With a little investment, the Faroe Islands could have…read more

Feeling the FOMO? Confessions of an Industrious Outdoorsman

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The outdoor community can be summed up in one word…extraordinary. Countless passions blend seamlessly with countless personas. Like the places we love and explore, this community, this lifestyle…is beautiful. For some, this very drive and ambition can turn for the worst. What used to be fun is now stressful. What used to be a quest for a summit is now a quest for likes on Instagram. Like most things, these passions require balance. One thing I have always struggled with is that “off switch.” If I am not climbing, I…read more