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What it Takes to Climb Aconcagua – It’s More Possible Than you Think

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Are you comfortable climbing the 14ers around Colorado? Think you’ve got the chops for higher peaks, but don’t know what you should attempt next? At an elevation of 23,837 feet (6960.8 meters) Aconcagua is one of the best mountains in the world to test yourself at high altitude mountaineering due to its non-technical nature. The mountain is the second highest of the “Seven Summits” and typically attempted after climbing Mount Elbrus or Kilimanjaro – for those trying to climb them all. For the rest of us just out for incredible adventures…read more

‘Is This Pack Waterproof?’ How to Keep Your Gear Dry on the Trail

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For the first five days of my Appalachian Trail thru-hike it rained every day. With daytime highs hovering in the mid to upper 30s in the mountains of North Georgia, staying warm, dry and motivated was a challenge. I managed to stay motivated but struggled with the other two. My one solace was in knowing that I had a dry sleeping bag to crawl into at the end of the day. Fortunately, my one longer backpack trip before this – Vermont’s Long Trail – had also started with five days of rain and I…read more

Old, New, Borrowed And Blue In Canyon Country

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For spring break this year, we decided to put a spin on our usual “let’s see how hard core we can get backpacking with a kid.” Instead of testing the limits of Kieran’s endurance on a multi-day wilderness trip (and the limits of construction our packs by stuffing them to the brim with pokey expedition gear) we went another route. Last year we went on a weeklong backpacking trip through Grand Gulch, Utah. This year, we returned to canyon country in Utah (“something old”) but car camped on Cedar Mesa…read more

Rise to the challenge, backpacking with young children is 100% worth it!

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“This just isn’t worth it,” I said to my wife as I stood in a shady spot on the side of a washed-out forest road with my Deuter AirContact 75+10 loaded with all the gear for our family of four. We were 20 minutes into our first backpacking trip since we had our second child last fall and I could still see  our parked car. We had been prepping our 3 year old son with several day hikes over the last month or two, with his longest hike being 5…read more

Travel Easy with the Aircontact 75+10

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For extended, overseas travel involving multiple airports and types of transportation, the often-obvious choice for luggage is a bag with wheels and an extendable handle. But when you intend to fill your vacation days with historically, culturally significant sites as well as sightseeing natural wonders by way of raft, via ferrata and goat trail, a roller bag begins to lose its practicality. The solution? The versatile, thoughtfully designed Aircontact 75+10. Here’s why: There’s room to pack a range of clothing and gear for anything from upscale dinners in the city…read more