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Guest Blogger: The Most Unusual Backpack Fitting Ever

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Editor’s note: No joke. This is a wild story. It involves a bad backpack, a dog/baby sick in the Alaskan outback, a strange man having a diabetic emergency on top of a volcano in Hawaii, a broken ankle and a double heli-evac. At the end our protagonist knows what kind of pack she wants. (Yes, of course, it’s a Deuter.) Think you’ve got a good story for the blog? Check out the Write For Us page, put some miles behind you and some pen to paper.  I spent last summer in Alaska as a traveling nurse….read more

When There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Paracord, You Can’t Go Counting Ounces

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Deaken Boggs, aka Dooter Man, is the winning guest contributor for April and proud new owner of an Airlite 16. Boggs is a college student at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, studying natural resource planning and sustainable energies. An avid outdoorsman and hiker, he also loves to mountain bike, downhill ski, fish and canoe. A couple of years ago I went to a semester school in northern Wisconsin called Conserve School. With a program focus in environmental conservation and stewardship, we took many hiking, biking, canoeing and camping trips, but the…read more

Why we hike, why we fish

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“I’ve put a lot of miles on my legs, hiked into barren lakes, been rained / snowed on, post holed in waist deep snow, trudged through marsh & mud, slept in the dirt, been lost, bushwhacked for hours, missed work, and put thousands of miles on my truck…the rewards of the high country are pretty sweet!” – Mike Garcia Hike on I am not sure what else to say about this particular day hike that Mike and I did. I am half tempted to just put a picture up and…read more