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‘Is This Pack Waterproof?’ How to Keep Your Gear Dry on the Trail

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For the first five days of my Appalachian Trail thru-hike it rained every day. With daytime highs hovering in the mid to upper 30s in the mountains of North Georgia, staying warm, dry and motivated was a challenge. I managed to stay motivated but struggled with the other two. My one solace was in knowing that I had a dry sleeping bag to crawl into at the end of the day. Fortunately, my one longer backpack trip before this – Vermont’s Long Trail – had also started with five days of rain and I…read more

Video: Deuter on the Lost Coast with Benny Haddad

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Join Deuter Ambassador and professional filmmaker Benny Haddad as he travels Northern California’s Lost Coast by backpack.

The Joy of Rollers

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Every dirtbag climber goes through stages when it comes to gear, but the general consensus is the older you get, the more you want your gear to work for you. Thus, began my process toward the joy of appreciating the roller. I always looked at rolling luggage in the airport as a luxury. While headed back home to the Midwest or out on a big climbing trip I’d always cram everything I could into a backpack and cram it into the overhead compartment, or at a very last resort, check…read more

The outdoor school of life lessons for little tykes

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Some people think, or have been told, that when they become parents their outdoor lifestyle inevitably slows or halts altogether. That’s just not the case- nor does it have to be. I encourage parents to continue their outdoor lifestyle and teach their tykes to embrace it along the way. There are so many things young tykes learn when out on adventures. They aren’t just trudging up a hill, just sleeping in a tent or just skiing down a slope. Tykes are not only learning about the natural world around them,…read more

Deuter travel packs withstand the rigors of a family trip to Baja

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Before the addition of our little one, Ali, Julie and I were frequent travelers to the East cape of Baja, Mexico for surfing and fishing adventures. Back in our childless days, it was pretty easy to throw our ocean gear into a couple of duffel bags, deal with the car shuttle, the airport, the rental car pick-up and the two-hour drive from San Jose Del Cabo northeast to the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez. However, with an almost three-year-old making her first trip south of the border, we…read more