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9 Tips for Road Trip Bliss With Young Kids

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To many parents, the thought of taking a long road trip with young kids and spending countless hours in a car can feel like an extra summer chore. But with careful planning and a carefree attitude, a road trip can be an amazing family adventure filled with incredible memories, much needed bonding time and a good way to check off multiple boxes on your travel bucket list.  Here are 9 tips to help make your family road trip more kiddo-friendly: 1. Create busy boxes for each kid. Before leaving on…read more

The Summit of Stoke: An Ambassadorial Adventure in Estes Park

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You’ve been there. Maybe your employer called it an “offsite” – where you and a few dozen folks you kind of know hole up together for a few days and explore your shared commonality. These multi-day events can be trying – often requiring a lot of awkward social dancing. The goals are usually to emerge from the experience with checkmarks on some sort of goal sheet handed down by the board of directors or HR director. Last weekend, in snowy Estes Park, Colorado, Deuter held its second-ever “Ambassador Summit” –…read more

The World Famous Recipe for ‘No Bake Hippy Balls’

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We are not only a family of hikers, but also a family of foodies. Tasty treats on the trail are just about as important as a summit brew to us. And after years of trying different pre-packaged trail snacks, we got pretty bored of the options (and the junk inside of them). So, we took to the kitchen and created our now world famous recipe for hippy balls (seriously though, trail friends from around the world have tried them!). And we’ve perfected them throughout the years. We love this snack…read more