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The Magic of Intersections at Ecocamp Patagonia

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I think innovation and the most fruitful ideas happen at “intersection points.” There is a sweet spot where two industries with common goals collide and create something truly unique and previously unexplored. Sometimes it feels like too much of our world exists in a silo. People in one industry are afraid to cross over into another for fear of not being seen as a specialist in their particular area of focus. Or for fear of straying from a perceived identity. Say you’re a scientist, or a pilot, or an artist,…read more

Endless Adventure in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

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McCarthy, Alaksa — a community of 200 people — is the perfect starting point for an Alaska-sized adventure. This is where my boyfriend, Jason Denley, and I call home during the summers, guiding for St. Elias Alpine Guides. An end of the road town, McCarthy is nestled in the heart of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Summer began as we were spoiled with 10 cloudless days, skiing and climbing with fellow guides on the Upper Baldwin Glacier in the St. Elias section of the park. My favorite climb on this trip was…read more

Finding Solitude in the Trinity Alps

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David Stillman is the winning guest contributor for June and proud new owner of an ACT Trail 24. A fully fledged geek and adventurer in Boulder, CO, David enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, photography and exploring any old place he can get to. Follow him on twitter or visit his website where he’s written up many more adventures like this one. If you want to visit some of the most breathtaking alpine lakes you’ve ever laid eyes on, make a trip to the Trinity Alps in Northern California. This year my girlfriend…read more

Deuter supported holiday road trip

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We were lucky enough to spend part of the holidays at a wedding in San Clemente before heading to Red Rocks for an annual Bishop climbing pilgrimage. We continue to use and abuse all our Deuter packs in a variety of situations, and they continue to deliver. For San Clemente, it was all about the beach, and walking around the cute downtown. For Ali, our four-year old daughter, this meant using our Kanga Kid as our primary around-town day pack. The zippers had no trouble with the sand, the pack…read more

A favorite climbing pack: Deuter Guide 45+

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I’ve got a wide range of Deuter backpacks and travel bags, from the Speedlite 10 to the Xeno 70, but the pack I use the most in my quiver is the Guide 45+. This pack is a favorite for many reasons, it fits well, and carries a heavy load just fine, but the main reason is that it’s versatile enough to use for almost all of my climbing excursions. For my personal use this varies from Indian Creek cragging to all day hiking/climbing endeavors in the Cascades. I like having…read more

Creative Shoving 101: how to pack for alpine climbing.

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Alpine Climbing: The art of shoving; shoving the lightest and most compact gear I currently own into the smallest pack. Bonus points are given for creativity. Success! I nail it. With my shoving expertise I fill each itty bitty air bubble or minuscule cubbyhole for a tight, well-balanced pack. A smile grows across my face as I envision the transitional ease from the trek into base camp when half my gear is dumped to a lighter summit climb. Now I just need the right pack for this job. I eye…read more

Guide Series – Packing For Ice Climbing And More

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The Deuter Guide series of packs is designed for serious, technical and dedicated use in the backcountry. Whether you are ice climbing, mountaineering, cragging or skiing, these packs have all the features you want and none you don’t need. Focusing on the Ice Climbing aspect, packing a Guide 35+ or any of the other packs is pretty straight-forward. In the top lid, put things like your extra hat, headlamp, snacks and the like. The top zipper is located in the middle of the top, so you can really pack it…read more