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Do You Practice Forest Bathing?

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On a recent backpacking trip with my family, I was reflecting on the meditative power of hiking and how the rhythm of walking and breathing helps to fully engage the senses in the smells, sights and sounds around us. While hiking, the mind often gently drifts off to other thoughts but then is brought back to the present by the rhythm of our movement and the details of the physical landscape through which we travel. Anyone who has spent extended time in the wilderness has likely experienced the calming power…read more

The Secret to Getting Children Outside (of their Comfort Zone) and Why it’s Important

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We get outside with our children a lot. Being active is part of what we do as a family. Our children, ages 4 and 7, walk or ride bikes to pre-school and elementary school nearly every day and most of our weekends and vacations include outdoor adventures. As a result, our children have learned to ride bikes, ski, hike and backpack at an early age. Other parents ask us what our secret is, or assume that our children are naturally more inclined toward these activities. The secret is that we repeatedly give…read more

How to Unplug and Enjoy Alaska

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“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.” – Henry David Thoreau We, as a culture, spend our lives being busy. We equate busy-ness with productivity, productivity with success, success with happiness. If we are not doing something, we feel like we are wasting time. We go on vacation and rush around from activity to activity, trying to pack as much relaxation as we can into a small period of time. What if we could spend more time being and less time doing? What if we could spend less…read more

Discovering the Freedom of Biking

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With the beginning of a new year, I have been contemplating the past year and the adventures I have had with my family as I have watched our children grow and change. One of the notable achievements for my son was learning to ride a bike. He started the year on a balance bike and soon moved to a 12” pedal bike, which he rode with no training wheels through the spring, summer and fall. Both his skills and his stature grew and as a result he ended the year…read more