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9 Tips for Road Trip Bliss With Young Kids

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To many parents, the thought of taking a long road trip with young kids and spending countless hours in a car can feel like an extra summer chore. But with careful planning and a carefree attitude, a road trip can be an amazing family adventure filled with incredible memories, much needed bonding time and a good way to check off multiple boxes on your travel bucket list.  Here are 9 tips to help make your family road trip more kiddo-friendly: 1. Create busy boxes for each kid. Before leaving on…read more

What we Learned by Visiting all 59 US National Parks

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Last year while living and traveling in our beloved RV we learned a lot of things. Those of you who have followed our journey for a long time were with us for all the beautiful days, funny times, sad moments and everything in between as we explored all 59 US National Parks. I think above all we learned to live a simple, wholehearted, intentional life. We have really discovered that THINGS don’t make us happy. Experiencing this beautiful earth with the people that we love – THAT is where the…read more

Baby Steps: Overcoming Depression with Small Stints in Nature

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In 2017 my wife Chelsea and I were fortunate enough to welcome our daughter into the pack. Long story short, that first year was extremely difficult for me. I dove into a depression which turns out is pretty normal for fathers and there isn’t much help for it. It was only when I started taking small moments in nature, even urban environments, that I began to overcome this depression. To add insult to injury, I felt utterly ashamed of the fact that I was depressed. Me… an outdoor professional… who pushes…read more

How to Layer the Kids up for Winter Outings

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Getting outside as a family isn’t just limited to the heady days of summer. With the right gear and a little bit of planning, winter can be downright magical. Some families choose to haul their younger kids in enclosed trailers for skiing, hiking or snowshoeing, but many children actually prefer to be riding right in the middle of the fun on the back of a parent. The trick is keeping them warm! Framed carriers like the Deuter Kid Comfort series allow children wearing many layers to be carried easily. They’re…read more

Becoming a Parent, And The Best Baby Gift You Can Buy

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“Where do I get one of those packs?” “We just had a little girl. When can I put her in one of those packs?” “Our first kid is coming in two months – how do I keep doing the things I love outside?” In person and over social media, I answer these questions on a weekly basis. New parents see my husband and I carrying our sons on our backs while fishing, hiking, or getting groceries and want to know how we’re making it happen. Our answer is the same…read more

Deuter supported holiday road trip

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We were lucky enough to spend part of the holidays at a wedding in San Clemente before heading to Red Rocks for an annual Bishop climbing pilgrimage. We continue to use and abuse all our Deuter packs in a variety of situations, and they continue to deliver. For San Clemente, it was all about the beach, and walking around the cute downtown. For Ali, our four-year old daughter, this meant using our Kanga Kid as our primary around-town day pack. The zippers had no trouble with the sand, the pack…read more

Rise to the challenge, backpacking with young children is 100% worth it!

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“This just isn’t worth it,” I said to my wife as I stood in a shady spot on the side of a washed-out forest road with my Deuter AirContact 75+10 loaded with all the gear for our family of four. We were 20 minutes into our first backpacking trip since we had our second child last fall and I could still see  our parked car. We had been prepping our 3 year old son with several day hikes over the last month or two, with his longest hike being 5…read more