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Choosing the Right Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier

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When you purchase a Deuter Kid Comfort carrier, you’re not only investing in high-quality equipment, you’re laying the foundation for a lifetime of adventure and exploration. Deuter’s Kid Comfort 1, 2, and 3 carriers offer quality and comfort at every price range. Each pack works for a multitude of activities and promises an impeccable fit. That’s because we build our kid carriers on the same chassis that we use for our all our packs. Selecting the best carrier for your family is a personal choice. Check out the following matrix to compare…read more

A real vacation in a pack

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It was our first real vacation since our 2-year old was born that didn’t involve a trip to see family. We rented a cabin outside Buena Vista, CO that had its own hot springs pool where you could adjust the temperature for kids during the daytime and then let it heat up during dinner so it was plenty hot after kids went to bed.  I think we spent 75% of our waking hours during the vacation in that hot pool, the kids loved it!  The remaining time we ventured on…read more


Stroller Blues

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Sometimes using a stroller feels like driving an SUV. If you’ve used a stroller, you are no doubt familiar with the roll-of-the-eyes as you sheepishly say “excuse me” to maneuver around something or someone. Hey, I live in San Francisco, so I totally understand that space is a commodity.I must also confess that before I became a parent I felt the same way about strollers. They seemed bulky, slow and somewhat selfish. Nowadays I parent a thriving twenty-something pound baby boy, so a stroller is sometimes a necessity. However, there…read more


A trip to Costa Rica with the kids and a Kid Comfort II

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Read this in-depth review of the Kid Comfort II from Deuter Parent Team members Ellie and Chris Booher We just got back from our first third-world trip with kids and I have to say we pulled it off. But to say it was due to our skill and grace would be exaggeration- I’ll chalk it up to good weather, good luck, and good gear. We flew to Liberia, Costa Rica, and if you’ve ever been to this slice of heaven you’ll know straight away that this third-world country really means…read more