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Choosing the Right Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier

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When you purchase a Deuter Kid Comfort carrier, you’re not only investing in high-quality equipment, you’re laying the foundation for a lifetime of adventure and exploration. Deuter’s Kid Comfort 1, 2, and 3 carriers offer quality and comfort at every price range. Each pack works for a multitude of activities and promises an impeccable fit. That’s because we build our kid carriers on the same chassis that we use for our all our packs. Selecting the best carrier for your family is a personal choice. Check out the following matrix to compare…read more

Reasons not to take your kids camping

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“You know, once you have kids you can’t backpack anymore.” “Say goodbye to traveling.” “How are you going to camp?” These are comments we heard when we decided to become parents. Those comments seemed crazy back then and they are still crazy today. Bret nor I began to really love the outdoors until we were in our late teens/early twenties. Bret spent a lot of his time backpacking the Grand Canyon and rock climbing in Queen Creek, Arizona. My love affair with the outdoors began when I started hiking, backpacking…read more

Hike With Your Baby, Hike, Hike It Baby!

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It’s no surprise that having children changes a person. Priorities definitely change, and passions, like hiking and the outdoors, from your pre-baby life can sometimes take a backseat to your new and important parenting role of keeping your precious little person alive and happy. My husband and I made the deliberate  decision soon after having kids. Instead of putting our hobbies on hold, we would instill them in our children. So, as soon as our boys could hold their heads steady (around six months old), into the Kid Comfort they…read more

Outdoor Family Destination: Five Spots To Hit At Lake Placid

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To the typical family, childhood milestones sound a bit like this: first word, first step, first tooth — to the outdoor family, childhood milestones sound a bit different. This past year, our four year old had some big ones. He climbed his first indoor rock wall to the top, skied and snowshoed for the first time, and hiked his first summit all on his own. That last one was not without the errant tear shed from this proud hiking mama. And, not particularly on purpose, most of these milestones were…read more

Kid Carrier Odyssey: Kraft Boulders And Ringbolt Springs With Little Ellie

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Our family escaped to the warmer weather this month, grabbed the kid carrier and did some winter climbing at the Kraft Boulders. The boulders are nestled in the hillside just outside Red Rock State Park near Las Vegas, Nevada. Our daughter Ellie is 25 months old and is beginning to experience the joys of climbing outdoors on real rock, which made this trip all the more magical. The boulders have beautiful features on them that offer plentiful climbing to both novice and advanced climbers alike. From the boulders to the springs…read more

Destination Iceland: Adventure Travel For Active Families

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Iceland is a destination that both my wife and I have held high on our individual and collective lists of must-see places for quite some time. We had both initially envisioned it as an adventurous trip filled with extended backcountry travel that did not include children. However, this summer we found ourselves heading to Iceland with our 4-year old son, 21-month old daughter, and a vague idea of what we wanted to do while we were there. Planning any trip that will revolve around outdoor activities always invokes questions about…read more

On Taking Him Camping With Us: Five Things We’ve Learned

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In January of this year my husband and I, along with our then eight-month-old son, began a yearlong camping and fly fishing trip around the United States. To many people, the trip sounds like 365 days of vacation, but because we’re continuing to work regular jobs and have adult commitments it’s really more of a juggling act between obligations and passions. The other big thing that many people don’t necessarily realize right off the bat is that our son, Gus, is along for the whole ride. Beyond a few important…read more

Parenting in the Outdoors — A Shift in Perspective

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From the beginning I knew that the challenges of being a father were going to be difficult. A driving goal of mine is to continue my outdoor passions and not let having a child slow down our family adventures. This is a lofty goal and in attempting it I have failed and succeeded in ways I had not expected. While I held on for a while, the ability to maintain long climbing sessions at any hour of the day became challenging. It was difficult to begin seeing changes in my…read more

Splendor of the Red Rocks – On the road with Kid Comfort

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It was about 16 years ago and yet I can still clearly remember my reaction when my dad told me we were moving out to “Arizona.” A brief stereotypical image of Death Valley crossed my mind … something along the lines of a scrawny roadrunner pattering across the dry, cracked earth with heat waves visible in the air and a tumble weed rolling across the barren wasteland. I was devastated. Little did I know, we were moving to a mountain town oasis known as Flagstaff. It’s a town where you…read more

‘Hike’ is a 4 letter word

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There are some 4 letter words that are off-limits when children are around.  Instead of using the word “hike”, we have created the alluring “adventure”.  It’s a subtle difference that describes outdoor activities that coincidentally involve a walk from A to B.  It’s become more about the journey, less about the destination. We’ve put many miles on our Kid Comfort II.  At some fuzzy stage between 2 and 3 years of age there seems to be a surge of both independence and physiological weight, which changes the parameters when planning…read more