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9 Tips for Road Trip Bliss With Young Kids

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To many parents, the thought of taking a long road trip with young kids and spending countless hours in a car can feel like an extra summer chore. But with careful planning and a carefree attitude, a road trip can be an amazing family adventure filled with incredible memories, much needed bonding time and a good way to check off multiple boxes on your travel bucket list.  Here are 9 tips to help make your family road trip more kiddo-friendly: 1. Create busy boxes for each kid. Before leaving on…read more

The Secret to Getting Children Outside (of their Comfort Zone) and Why it’s Important

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We get outside with our children a lot. Being active is part of what we do as a family. Our children, ages 4 and 7, walk or ride bikes to pre-school and elementary school nearly every day and most of our weekends and vacations include outdoor adventures. As a result, our children have learned to ride bikes, ski, hike and backpack at an early age. Other parents ask us what our secret is, or assume that our children are naturally more inclined toward these activities. The secret is that we repeatedly give…read more

How to Layer the Kids up for Winter Outings

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Getting outside as a family isn’t just limited to the heady days of summer. With the right gear and a little bit of planning, winter can be downright magical. Some families choose to haul their younger kids in enclosed trailers for skiing, hiking or snowshoeing, but many children actually prefer to be riding right in the middle of the fun on the back of a parent. The trick is keeping them warm! Framed carriers like the Deuter Kid Comfort series allow children wearing many layers to be carried easily. They’re…read more

Why You Should Get Out of Bed and Hike, Even if You’re an Exhausted Parent

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It’s 4:30 a.m. and my alarm is ringing at the bedside. I look out the window. It’s still dark. I lay there, realizing that the house is finally quiet. Throughout the night, I was awake with my feverish and tearful child. Frequently soothing her back to sleep four… five… maybe six times. She would sleep for awhile and then awake once again, coughing and uncomfortable. I’m exhausted. If there has ever been a perfect excuse to hit the snooze button, this is it. Yet I lay there with a reverberating thought… “don’t…read more

Choosing the Right Deuter Kid Comfort Carrier

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When you purchase a Deuter Kid Comfort carrier, you’re not only investing in high-quality equipment, you’re laying the foundation for a lifetime of adventure and exploration. Deuter’s Kid Comfort 1, 2, and 3 carriers offer quality and comfort at every price range. Each pack works for a multitude of activities and promises an impeccable fit. That’s because we build our kid carriers on the same chassis that we use for our all our packs. Selecting the best carrier for your family is a personal choice. Check out the following matrix to compare…read more

Holding Boulders in the Sierra Mountain Range

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Bishop, California is a unique little town at the base of the Sierra Mountain Range. It’s a gateway to the John Muir Trail, Yosemite National Park, numerous climbing areas and some spectacular skiing in Mammoth. When you’re ready for a rest day, the hot springs in the area are a good place to land. The springs are remotely nestled in a valley beneath the mountains and at night the dark desert sky offers some of the best star gazing you’ll ever experience. People come from all over the world to…read more

Successful Family Backpacking With Young Kids

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I don’t really know why it took us until this point to do a real family backpacking trip. We’ve dabbled with the idea for a couple years now, but always had a hard time getting our gear in line, working around my husband’s busy wildland fire schedule and basically just getting out the door. The thought of backpacking is so daunting, at least to most families. Our kids are 18 months, 4 and 6, so they’re young and not able to really pack much of their own gear yet. Plus…read more

The life of a Deuter Kikki

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Day 1: Today I arrived at my new home. A little 2-year-old boy (Ky) was so excited to meet me and we became best friends immediately, our first adventure together was to the store with his mommy and daddy. Ky wore me everywhere! He even took a nap with me. Oh, how he makes me feel so loved.   We rode his bike, fought bad guys, and explored new worlds. Day 12: My first day at daycare was today. Ky proudly wore me to the car and then into daycare. I was proudly…read more

The outdoor school of life lessons for little tykes

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Some people think, or have been told, that when they become parents their outdoor lifestyle inevitably slows or halts altogether. That’s just not the case- nor does it have to be. I encourage parents to continue their outdoor lifestyle and teach their tykes to embrace it along the way. There are so many things young tykes learn when out on adventures. They aren’t just trudging up a hill, just sleeping in a tent or just skiing down a slope. Tykes are not only learning about the natural world around them,…read more

Rise to the challenge, backpacking with young children is 100% worth it!

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“This just isn’t worth it,” I said to my wife as I stood in a shady spot on the side of a washed-out forest road with my Deuter AirContact 75+10 loaded with all the gear for our family of four. We were 20 minutes into our first backpacking trip since we had our second child last fall and I could still see  our parked car. We had been prepping our 3 year old son with several day hikes over the last month or two, with his longest hike being 5…read more