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The Secrets to Packing for a Desert Adventure in Utah

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The red rock desert of southern Utah is an adventurer’s playground. Orange slot canyons, massive red walls, and otherworldly rock formations set the stage for a variety of active outings. In just one week you can be a canyoneer, trail runner, backpacker, 4×4 driver, photographer and casual day hiker. That is, if you’re ready for it! The canyonlands region is a place where arriving properly outfitted will make a huge difference in your successes and of your overall enjoyment of this special region. Below are a few tips, as well…read more

Six Things You Might Not Know About Hiking Cannon Beach

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My philosophy can be summed up as, “Going new places is fun.” Like going to Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. Technically, it’s not new since I was there in high school, but since that was approximately a million years ago it hardly counts. Oops, I left part of my philosophy unwritten. “Going new places and hiking there is fun.” So yeah, we went to the beach and then we went hiking. Don’t blame me. I’m contractually obligated to go hiking. That’s the price of being a Deuter Ambassador. (Deuter provided…read more