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Guest Blogger: 3 Bucket List Hikes in the Faroe Islands

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By: Steve Mokan, owner of Chasing Epic Mountain Bike Adventures After spending eight days in the Faroe Islands this past June, my takeaway is this: It’s incredible. It could very easily be a world-class hiking and backpacking destination. The trails are there. The infrastructure is there. The mind-blowing scenery is most definitely there. The biggest thing that’s missing is the organization of the trails and hiking paths that already exist. It would help make it more accessible for beginner or intermediate hikers. With a little investment, the Faroe Islands could have…read more

Capturing the Spirit of Adventure: An Interview with Ian Fohrman

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Ian Fohrman (@iandavidf) is a Denver-based photographer, writer, director, skier, biker, hunter and jack of all trades (master of most).  Although Ian’s creative endeavors are vast, his greatest passions live amongst nature and embracing the spirit of adventure. He’s inspired and determined to make this world a better place – one story and one photo at a time.    You’ve been professionally shooting photos for 10 years now. What’s the best part of what you do?   I get to explore, capture, and share photos of some of the best…read more

Mountain Mornings: A Photo Study by Daniel Fox

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I recently spent two-and-a-half weeks at Summit Powder Mountain, located near Eden in Utah. The reason of my visit was to capture the spirit of the location and create an art series from the inspiration received while hiking the mountain. Mornings we consistent and always beautiful, a thick orange line above the horizon, gradients of intense blues and yellows until the sun would appear and dominate the sky. For the most part of first week, the clouds were absent. The sun rose every morning on a empty sky, and by…read more