Top 10 Reasons To Go Climbing

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Why do we climb? Pondering this philosophical question, I have arrived at cliche responses: why does a runner need to run? Or a painter need to paint? The creative, passionate, inner explorative parts of being human needn’t be explained or justified. Or perhaps George Mallory summed it up succinctly with, “because it’s there.”

Let’s try another approach. How about a David Letterman-style list! From the Worst Christmas Holiday songs to Bigfoot’s Pet Peeves, Letterman had great lists. Maybe some questions are best answered this way.

Top Ten Reasons to Climb

10. Because the world is not flat.
9. Because carabiners aren’t just designed to clip water bottles to your Deuter packs.
8. Since your hand modeling career wasn’t going anywhere, this beats paying for a manicure.
7. It’s a great weight loss plan.
6. The higher you go, the higher you feel (not just in WA and CO).
5. We can’t put escalators everywhere.
4. How else do you get over your fear of heights?
3. Deep down, we all want to be Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger.
2. We all need hobbies, and not everyone’s cut out for Dungeons and Dragons.

1. How else can I justify a closet full of Deuter packs?

Seriously, when you have a pack like the Deuter Guide Lite 32 – THE BEST I’ve ever found for hauling ice tools and mountaineering equipment – how can you not use it?

The pack is the epitome of comfort and function: perfect for a day of ice climbing in the Ouray Ice Park or a long day in the alpine.

About Bret & Melissa Edge

Bret & Melissa Edge

The Edge Family - Bret, Melissa and Jackson - were born for adventure. Bret and Melissa gave up on corporate life in 2006 and moved to the adventure mecca of Moab, Utah to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle in beautiful Canyon Country. Bret and Melissa were avid hikers, backpackers and mountain bikers when Jackson was born in 2009 and they didn't waste any time introducing him to outdoor adventure. He went hiking at 6 weeks, spent two weeks camping in the Tetons and Yellowstone at 3 months old, did his first backpacking trip in Glacier National Park at 16 months and by the time he was 2, the Edge Family had explored 7 national parks together. Melissa shares her passion as an outdoor parent on her website,, where she strives to inspire new parents to get outside and into nature with their kids. Bret is a professional landscape and adventure photographer, as well as owner of The Edge Gallery, in downtown Moab.