What we Learned by Visiting all 59 US National Parks

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Last year while living and traveling in our beloved RV we learned a lot of things. Those of you who have followed our journey for a long time were with us for all the beautiful days, funny times, sad moments and everything in between as we explored all 59 US National Parks.

Madison Hofman with her son and Deuter Kid Carrier.

I think above all we learned to live a simple, wholehearted, intentional life. We have really discovered that THINGS don’t make us happy. Experiencing this beautiful earth with the people that we love – THAT is where the happiness comes from!

I can’t think of anything more I want in life than to love and be loved. When everything is boiled down, that is the most important ingredient of a well-lived life.

Cees Hofman with his son in a Dueter Kid Carrier.

“Love people. Use things. The opposite never works.”
The Minimalists

Cees and Madison exploring national parks together.

More quality time together, more being outside, more experiences, less stuff, less worrying, more hope, more love. That’s all I want.

Madison enjoying a national park sunset.

About Cees & Madison Hofman Family

Cees & Madison Hofman Family

The story started in 2014 when Cees proposed to Madison in Yosemite National park. At that moment, they promised to be each other's permanent adventure buddies. They renovated a 1989 Mini Toyota Motorhome in 2016 and, with their adventure cat Vladimir, took to the road full-time to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the National Parks. The goal was to see all 59 National Parks and spread awareness for our country's special, preserved places! They thought that they would complete the project, and then return to "normal life" (whatever that is supposed to look like). As luck would have it, they had baby Theo at the end of the trip and ended up loving road life way too much to ever look back. So now, this party includes Cees, Madison, Theo, and Vladimir the cat. Vlad has redefined what it means to be an adventure cat and has become somewhat of a celebrity on Instagram. He loves to be outside with his humans; he has been everywhere with them from glaciers to sand dunes. He enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and has even rappelled off some pretty high rocks. So far Theo just eats, says “goo" and enjoys the ride from his Kid Carrier. But look out world, he has big plans in store. Check out more road stories from the Hofmans at www.ourvie.com